EVILDEAD Share New Single "Subjugated Souls" + Music Video


Today, American thrash metal band EVILDEAD shares a new single "Subjugated Souls," from their upcoming studio album 'Toxic Grace.' The track is accompanied by a new music video.

Phil Flores comments on the new track:

"This song is about the control that devices and social media have over the youth today, and other generations. It has become the most important thing in people's lives; which is sometimes sad to see wherever you go people's faces are buried in their phones, and not a lot of personal interaction going on anymore.”

Juan Garcia adds:

"Our new single 'Subjugated Souls' follows up where 'Raising Fresh Hell,' released last month, left off. This new track is a straightforward, ramped-up banger with riffs galore! An interesting arrangement; in particular I like the heavy middle section, and also the moody guitar solo by Albert Gonzales.”

Check Out the New Video for "Subjugated Souls" HERE.

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