Evil Dead The Musical Comes and Gets Some with a Sold Out Bloody Good Show!



Evil Dead, a comedy horror franchise created by Sam Raimi, has had five films and a TV series, with an adaption turned into a musical! Said musical first being introduced back in 2003, making a run in 2006, and would later spread over the years, making it’s way around come now in 2024! Taking place in Fullerton, California, out of Orange County in a small theater called the Maverick Theater.

A small theater, showcasing an array of programs, including Evil Dead in the mid spring time, all its shows would sell out instantly, grabbing tickets during the Mother’s Day weekend, this show is NOT meant for children but for adults ONLY! This Evil Dead Musical taking in all elements of the cult classic film franchise, from Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness Evil Dead 3! Centered around five collage students, going out on spring break, head out into the woods, to an abandoned cabin, where they unleash such evil that it takes hold of them all! Blood is spilled, with the front row dedicated to getting bloody, whilst limbs get dismembered, demons get turned and jokes are spread far and wide. A lot of songs sung including such as “What the Fuck Was That?”, “I’m Not a Killer”, “"Do the Necronomicon", “We Will Never Die”, a lot of these numbers, being very rock n’ roll based material, hitting hard with the notes and lyrics.


Lots of laughs, lots of blood, it was a bloody good time, from start to finish really. If you’re a fan of horror, let alone the Evil Dead franchise as a whole, then you will totally “get” the inside jokes and jabs at the films, this musical is based on. The cast themselves with Ash being played by Steven Alcantar, Annie/Shelly played by Hailey Tweeter, Scott/Jake played by Jaycob Hunter who was a total riot, with Cheryl played by Samantha Green, Linda played by Elana Harnack, and Ed played by Aizaiah Soto. The blood soaker was Alex Wesevich who was also the bartender as well! The blood being non-toxic, but still a lot of fun to be soaked with! The front row had a glass protection for the rows behind it, blood spraying on the guests in the “splatter zone” in the front row, with blood spilling on the stage itself. The sets, production, and music were again all done so well, and so much was put into such detail, that it brought the films to the stage so well it was uncanny.

Having the book and lyrics done by George Reinblatt, this take of the Evil Dead Musical was one to be remembered, so much fun, so funny, and lots of blood was spent, with the sold out crowd, really getting into it, with lots of laughs, cheers, and claps of approval. There were some mishaps with minor technical difficulties of the audio, cutting out or not tuning properly, but minus that, again this show was well worth the experience; both bloodiest, craziest, and funniest that you find it impossible not to love it; being brought thanks to a little theater called the Maverick Theater, the theater that could and would, outdo itself.

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