Kerry King – From Hell I Rise

Guitarist Kerry King, best known as forming thrash 80’s legends Slayer way back when, whom had their time to shine until 2019, has decided to go solo after the band’s retirement back then. Until recently when that band actually announced their return, but besides that being a thing, Kerry King has gone solo with his debut work’s titled “From Hell I Rise”, debuting summer time 2024.

Releasing not one, but two single’s off it first called “Idle Hands” and the second being “Residue”, both tracks were well received by the fans old Slayer and newer fans of course. The styling being very much like Slayer’s tone except more vibrant and new. Aside from Kerry being a part of the band on guitars, Phil Demmel is on guitars, along with drummer Paul Bostaph formerly of Slayer, Testament, Forbidden and Exodus, came on board to join, along with Hellyeah bassist Kyle Sanders, and frontman vocalist Mark Osegueda of Death Angel. Together this formation has created a solid piece of work both in band membership and musically.

The album had begun work upon it back in 2020, with King mentioning how he had more than two albums’ worth of music ready for it,  saying that he and drummer Bostaph that this new project would sound like Slayer but not it being Slayer for the most part. With a follow-up album already a work in progress according to King. But regardless, the material with just these two single’s alone, have set up the rest of the album really, a lot of the other stand out tracks such as “Where I Reign”, "Crucifixation", "Everything I Hate About You", "Rage", and the title track "From Hell I Rise", are all collective pieces, that create that momentum that Slayer is best known for except with King at the helm of it. A lot of solo working’s and energy given forth, with both guitarists in Kerry and Demmel going off one another, making such a fuss it makes the music more entrancing. King stays true to his classic rootage with this raw stack of songs, creating something refreshing yet memorable that fans of past work’s and this new material would nod and admire it from all sides.

The production and mixing done on this release is high quality material, that being produced by Josh Wilburm the album is everything Slayer could have been, if the band would have continued. That not being a bad thing, not at all, it is admirable really. Likely the material with these tracks, and the album as a whole, is just that a collect of tracks that I would consider simply as Slayer 2.0.

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