Inimical Drive Teams with Bad Wolves Singer for New Single "Victim"


Inimical Drive, the quickly rising heavy rock/metal group from the heart of St. Louis, has set the stage ablaze with the latest single, "Victim." This incendiary single was co-written, produced, and mixed by Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz of the acclaimed band Bad Wolves. On the heels of their 2023 Inimical Drive EP ‘From Solitude,’ "Victim" marks a powerful return for the band in 2024.

 "Victim" isn't just a song; it's a phoenix rising from the ashes of adversity, a roaring testament to the unbreakable human will. Vocalist Joel Colby channels his own trials, failures, and successes into the song’s lyrics, drawing from his vulnerability and resilience, which flow through every person who refuses to be defined by their struggles. Colby speaks further about the song- "I have been inspired by so many people around me who have faced adversity and choose to overcome rather than succumb to victimhood." Through its stirring lyrics and powerful melodies, "Victim" is a rallying cry for those navigating life's challenges.

With a juggernaut momentum that's captured new fans nationwide, Inimical Drive continues to impress with every live show, sharing the stage with notable groups such as Bad Wolves, For the Fallen Dreams, The Funeral Portrait, and Otep. Their journey, fueled by the raw energy of their music, has carved a path through the hearts of fans, uniting them in a familiar rhythm of defiance, empowerment, and hope.

Looking ahead, Inimical Drive is set to venture back into the studio, fueled by the energy of "Victim" and driven by a shared vision for their busiest years ahead. With an unwavering commitment to their craft and an unyielding passion for their art, Inimical Drive promises an exhilarating journey for fans, old and new. Listeners should brace themselves—the brightest days for Inimical Drive are yet to come.

Check out the new single HERE.

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