Exciter Brought Warbringer and More to Thrash the Night Away in LA with a Sold Out Show!


What a night to never forget.... is what is being said this night. Why? Well it started off as a night filled with thrash metal, and speed metal closing it out. Fans aligned the venue known as The Teragram Ballroom in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Doors were at 7PM letting people in slowly, after being checked in, fans lined up for the merchandise items, drinks, food, with all others hurrying inside to use the restroom or line up at the front of the stage, since both were in another room altogether.

A little after 7:30PM is when openers Sakrificer kicked things off, everyone slowly gaining entry and taking in what they were giving out. Minor bumping and pushing happened, with others nodding in enjoyment. They brought in the energy and left the crowd wanting so much more after their set was said done, but that just meant they were that good.


Next up came Velosity whose performance was even more energy given than before. More people had arrived inside the small theater space, and that's when it broke loose. Everyone got into this band more so, pushing, shoving, headbanging, it was endless really. They got that angst of momentum that was flawless.



Following these guys were the guys in the band called Fueled By Fire, now they were the one's that kept that hyped energy ever flowing. Literally the room was spinning non-stop, with everyone happening every which way possible, that it was so entertaining. So much fun was happening during this band's set it was unforgettable. They are surely an act that didn't want to stop playing, wanting to give it one more song to go, and the crowd sucked it in with very last minute to go!


With just two acts remaining Warbringer was one that everyone was eager to see. Having played a show sometime ago, the band was back at it yet again. Playing this show that brought the heat and crowd like no tomorrow. Their performance lasted a good 60 minutes, and it was never ending. The mosh pit was so aggressive and endless that no one was standing still. Everyone was so excited and having so much excitement within themselves, it was enlightening to see it all take place. They brought so much heaviness in the thrash metal genre, all there wanted much more, but were pleased with what they got. Must say that they were one to round off the night, but headliners remained. But let's just say they outdid themselves for sure.


Closing out the night would be headliner's Exciter out of Canada, whose time was spent played for close to 45 minutes or so, short set but only due to an incident that had happened during the set. But before that, the fans who had left, had came back to see what Exciter would bring, and they brought it. For one the opening song had the name "Exciter or Excited" in the lyrics, which was fun to listen too. With the band hitting the stage 5 minutes after the intro song, they went on to play with all there getting into the speed metal force at bay. During their set, lots of crowd surfers, stage divers, and moshing took place, with some fans getting a bit too worked up, that one person fell to the floor passed out, having to be carried outside to get some air, which he needed and he came too on his own, with no ride needed by the emergency services. So luckily for him he was going to be alright, and for the band who likely witnessed it during their own performance, had to cut the performance of theirs short, as to what had happened. Fans enjoyed what was given, exciting the venue with smiles spread widely across their faces.



 Exciter and Warbringer closed out the evening quite nicely, that they kept the crowd highly entertained, excited, and enthralled the entire evening. All other acts beforehand outdid themselves as well, keeping a majority of the room hyped to the very end.

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