After their celebrated performance at 2014’s J-Pop Summit, Japanese pop duo YANAKIKU will return to San Francisco this summer. This year, YANA and KIKU will become “Nakai,” the concierge of Japanese traditional inns at the festival’s “Ryokan Pavilion” at the POP TRAVEL Area inside Fort Mason Center. At the pavilion, visitors can experience the culture of Japanese traditional “ryokan,” including rooms, foods, hot-springs, views, souvenirs. Guests are invited to wear yukata and geta (Japanese kimono robes and wooden sandals) and enjoy a virtual tour which recreates ryokan stays through a combination of HD video projection and life-sized scale model rooms.


Last week, YANAKIKU released a new music video for “Guru Guru Choice”, from their first full album YANAKIKU NO ENBAN. The video features the girls as contestants on a wild game show hosted by Japanese comedian King of Comedy Takahashi, battling dancing sushi and giggling their way through spinning games. Known for their kimono cosplay fashion, YANA and KIKU also premiered new outfits for the video.

Check out the video HERE.

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