BabyMetal - Self-Titled Re-release

Japan never ceases to amaze people, especially in its music division. As such, one act out of Japan is one that takes pop music and fuses it with metal music they are a group making quite the buzz BabyMetal. Who have signed on to earMusic/RAL/Sony Music Entertainment for a U.S. release of the band's 2014 critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. The CD itself features two bonus tracks and is available digitally and physically. But as far as the album goes, it's the same album released in 2014 just seeing a re-release with bonus content as mentioned. In any case the album and pop metal group BabyMetal, have been making their rounds as far as performances, as well as buzz throughout the world from online to word of mouth, all cannot get enough of BabyMetal. Their style of music is fast paced with heavy breakdowns, screams, and instrumental guitar riffs and solos that keeps the music entertaining at all costs. It's the style of music that you want to stop listening to after a couple of tracks, but see yourself keep on listening again and again. Some of the noticeable and recognizable tracks includes "BabyMetal Death", "Gimme Chocolate!!", and "Head Bangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!" that embrace the tension, aggression, and energy that keeps the music flowing, very alive, well, and enhanced, if you will. All in all BabyMetal is an act that will be hard to forget about that it's hard not to resist.

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