My Little Pony Presents DJ Pon-3 Remix Album

My Little Pony's Friendship Is Magic composer of songs Daniel Ingram has created another album based on one of the many background ponies DJ-Pon3 or Vinyl Scratch! It will take some of the infamous songs and have them remixed in DJ-Pon3's unique style! Check out the album's artwork and tracklisting below with a release of June 23rd 2015 with further details HERE.


1. Smile Song (Buddygirrl Remix)
2. Love Is in Bloom (Angel Bunny Remix)
3. Bab’s Seed (Hollidayrain Remix)
4. Every Pony (Daisy O’dell Remix)
5. Winter Wrap Up (Feint Remix)
6. Welcome Song (Faust & Shortee Remix)
7. Cutie Mark Crusaders (Heavygrinder Remix)
8. Raise This Barn (I Am Orange Remix)
9. This Day Aria (Acid Paradox Remix)
10. Every Pony (Rubicon 7 Remix)
11. Love Is in Bloom (Hollidayrain Remix)
12. Friendship Is Magic (Justin Lassen Remix)
13. Fluttershy’s Song (Arkasia Remix)

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