The Relapse Symphony - Born To Burn

A lot can happen in just over a year, for the guys in The Relapse Symphony whose tight lips would not even let slip of a word of what they had been up too. Well except for update posts about the progress of new material of what it would be on was un-telling until..... The release of their debut hit song and single for "A Perfect Lie", a hard hitting top notch classic right off the bat off their sophomore release "Born To Burn".

While the other remaining tracks 10 to be precise, aren't that far behind, such as; "Born To Burn", "Terror Generation", "Down In Flames", are likable hits just as "A Perfect Lie" came to be. Other noted tracks include "The Bitter End", "Die Alone", and "Tear Me Down" taking a more died down approach, their notch being turned off if you will, the songs are still heavily hearable but more modernly driven being just good old rock n' roll.

This is by far, a step up and improvement from their previous catalog of work. Having them set up for a whole another generation of rockstars to build up for themselves, just as these guys have done, by creating material that keeps hitting back.

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