Mortal Strike's Chrir Talks New Album, History, Name's Meaning and Future Ahead

Thrash metalheads Mortal Strike give us the rundown from their history, namesake, influences, and what can be expected from their new album to much more! Guitarist Chrir Nielsen discusses.

1. Please tell us about the History of your band and its member.

Chrir: We were founded on New Years Eve 2009/10 during a living room concert at a friends house.  Back then we were 5 guys and 5 nationalities (Denmark,Germany,Luxembourg,Romania & South Africa). Since then we have only known one way, to cite Matthias: "Komanndo Vollgas!". And it is forward with full speed and aggression.

After we won the Austrian Wacken Metal Battle in 2011 and played on the Open Air, it became clear to us, that it would be something, which we would strife to do professionally.

However it came to a small change in members, with 2 leaving but having Max & Etzi joining, which turned out to work out perfectly for everyone involved. The songs got more technical and aggressive. The speed was increased significantly. There are only 3 Nationalities left in the Band, but that works just as fine as before. So our Lineup now is:

Matthias (Singer), Chrir (Rhytm Guitar), Etzi (Lead Guitar), Dominique (Bass), Max (Drums).

2. Why did you pick the name for your band.

Chrir: It sounds like a sledgehammer to the face, and the name reflects the aim.

3. Where is the Band based out of.

Chrir: Out of Vienna, Austria. We actually had to, pretty much, build up our own thrash scene in Austria. And til this day the scene remains very intimate, with aprox. 10 Bands country wide that purely play thrash metal, which is one of the reasons that we are eager to come out and play internationaly.

4. Style? Band Influences.

Chrir: Thrash Metal! Teutonic 4 (Kreator,Sodom,Destruction,Tankard). In generel more european thrash than overseas.

5. What can people expect from the album?

Chrir: Full Scale Thrash Metal Attack! Fast, Aggressive and straight to the point. Our aim was to bring a bit of new blood to the scene!

6. Do you play live as well?

Chrir: Of course we do. We are a full blood Live-Band! We have played with a fuckload of great bands, to name a few: Sodom,Tankard,Destruction,Exodus, Warbringer, Suicidal Angels. And great Festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Kaltenbach Open Air, Total War Fest. We have been around, mostly in Austria and Germany, but got to play in Finnland, Hungary aswell. Great experience!

7. What should labels etc. know about your band.

Chrir: A Promoter once described us as follows: "Du kannst Mortal Strike in jedes Kaff auf der Welt reinfallen lassen und die sorgen für Stimmung!" Which basically means: You can let Mortal Strike play anywhere, even the remotest village ,and they will make sure the atmosphere will be there!

8. What plans do you have for your future as a band?

Chrir: Bigger Shows, Bigger crowds, bigger stages, bigger everything! All the long, hard way to the top!

9. Where can we listen to your band.

Chrir: Numerous online radio stations. Our website www.mortal-strike.comSpotify, iTunes,YouTube. Basically wherever you would normally listen to music. You can also get our album illegally on some Russian and Chinese torrent sites, but you will have to find those on your own :)  (5000 download and counting).

10. What is it what you'd like listen remember (?????????)

Chrir: We would love to invoke that awesome goosebumps feeling you get when you listen to truly awesome music. Where the hairs in the neck stand up. And we want the listeners to remember that feeling every time they listen to us.

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