The Christopher Brothers a Trio Young in Age but Fun at Heart

The Christopher Brothers, are a trio of pop punks who may be young in age but possess such musical talent it's well beyond their years. Cameron, the drummer (18), Charles, the guitarist (16), and Ethan, the bassist (13), all write, play and produce their own music, as well as play an impressive collection of over 80 retro classics and current hits that appeal to audiences of all ages. That said, they have gone on to perform at some infamous places from all over with no plans on stopping! The trio got together to discuss being musicians as a family, even having their own mother taking part, with plans to further their careers as far as it can possible take them!

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Cameron: I am 19 years old, I write the music and lyrics, sing and plays drums.

Charles: I am 17 years old, I write music & lyrics as well as arrange the songs, sing and play guitar.

Ethan: I am 14 years old, I also write the bass parts, sing and am the bass player.

2. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Cameron: I was in a band with some friends from middle school and after a few months they said that I wasn’t a good drummer.  I never had lessons so maybe that was true. I was telling my mom what happened and she said, “Hey Charles plays guitar and Ethan plays the bass; why not try playing with them?” I wasn’t so sure if that was a good idea but we did it and learned “Black Magic Women” really fast. That’s when our mom said, ”Hey you guys could be a band!” And that was it! We wrote our first song a month later and had our first gig in less than six months.

3. Your band's name is The Christopher Brothers so are you all really brothers?

Cameron, Charles & Ethan: Yes! We really are brothers!

4. If so, why did you see and think doing a family business such as music was the right route to take as opposed to strangers forming a band?

Charles: We didn’t really think about it, it just happened and felt easy. We are really competitive so if one of us said the other wasn’t good we just would say, “Oh yeah I can do that!” and then we did.

5. Why the name The Christopher Brothers, where does it come from and mean for the band?

Ethan: Our last name is Christopher and we are brothers so we just went with that.

6. Since you are related and family, do you have that brotherly love and passion that siblings share with one another?

Cameron: We are really great friends and enjoy doing the same thing so it is really pretty cool.

Charles: Yeah we all hang out with each other all the time. We play video games, sports, and go pretty much everywhere together.

7. What's it like having your mom being your manager always under the radar etc.

Cameron: Our mom is so busy that it isn’t really like that.  She is really supportive.

Charles: She is the best manager we could ask for. She always has our best interests on her mind and she wants to achieve whatever we set our mind to.

Ethan: It’s really cool.

8. Does your mom ever get on your nerves a bit too much while out on the road or does she let The Christopher Brothers be themselves?

Ethan and Charles: No if anything we may get on her nerves at times. (laughing)

9. Do you see your mom playing the manager role from here on out or do you think someone else could take that role, would you want someone too or your prefer her by your guys' side?

Charles: For sure we want our mom to stay managing us no matter what. She's got us to where we are today and that's all that matters.

10. "Somebody Just Like You" is the single and video choice you went with so why? Do you have any more songs picked out for the next set of single/video?

Cameron: We picked “Somebody Just Like You” because so many people said they really liked the song.  We feel like a lot of people could relate to it, especially being a teenager.

Charles: The next song we plan to put out there is “The Girl Next Door”.

11. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Charles: I would say we write about girls a lot for the songs we have recorded so far but we have lots of other things that we have written about, just haven’ recorded those songs yet.

Ethan: We love music and just write and play how we feel and hope people enjoy the sound and listening to us.

12. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Cameron: Our genre is alternative pop punk/rock. I would say Green Day, The Beatles, Blink 182, Harry Danger and the All American Rejects.

13. What's your take on "Dog Daze" as a whole?

Charles: It is an album that shows our different genres of music we can play. We think it is just fun upbeat music with a little bit of edge.

14. What's your favorite song on the album right now?

Cameron: Into You

Charles: Into You

Ethan: Into You

15. What are your expectations for the CD?

Charles: So far the people that have heard it really love it so we hope that the word gets out there and it does really well!

16. Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?

Cameron: We absolutely play live!  That is totally who we are!

Ethan: People tell us they like watching us, I love performing live.

17. How do you promote your band and shows?

Charles: Through Facebook, Twitter and E-mails.

18. Can you describe your show, visually and musically for those who may want to know?

Cameron: Our shows are very true to the CD.  We are not over produced so it will seem pretty much the same.

Charles: People say our shows are old school; they say they like us because we are real.

19. Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there?

Cameron: We will be at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood on June 14th with a group called Nick & Simon from the Netherlands.  They asked us to be their band so we will be performing together which should be really cool.

Charles: Also we may have another show on June 20th at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood where we will play our originals.  It will be a rocking show and Ethan is the one to watch for sure!!!

20. What else can we expect to see from you guys for the remainder of this year going into next year?

Cameron: The album will be officially released soon, more videos and more shows.

Charles: We have a two- hour concert in New York City on July 28th at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.

Ethan: We are really excited about that show!

21. Anything else you would like to say or want to add on?

Charles: Thanks to you Natalie for this interview!

Ethan: Thanks Natalie!

Cameron: Yes, thanks! We hope that you and your followers check us out and come see us live and make sure and say hi to us.  We really appreciate any of you that have taken the time to listen to our music and we have lots more to come!

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