Fractured Fairytales Gather Round to Tell Us their Terrorizing Fairy Tale

Fractured Fairytales have all to tell in terms of their musical style and approach to their music. They have released albums, videos, played shows, and so much more they just never stop. As a matter of fact, the whole group banned together to discuss their so called fairy tales that involves their creativity with their music and plans ahead.

1. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Drudge: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...... four badasses came forth to unleash the most brutal shit the world had ever seen.

2. Your genre of choice is industrial metal but your image is more black metal, is that the look and feel you were intending or am I way off?

NyX: Our look does tend to jump genres but we are a genre jumping band, we tend to have a little bit of something for everyone, from industrial to black metal and everything in-between. So our image reflects that, from Lutachrist looking like a necromancer to Drudge looking like he’s out of a Mad Max movie, O.C. to me looks like a Viking warlord and I'm the blood drinking vampire witch. So you are not way off at all.

3. So how did the name Fractured Fairytales come into the picture?

Drudge: That's all Lutachrist there. To me, it's always been the embodiment of a world gone awry. All the stories we were told as children and adolescents being total bullshit. The American Dream being the carrot that's dangled in front of our faces while they prepare us for the stick.
Lutachrist: When I was at the tender age of 12 I began getting into music heavily and learning to play guitar. When I was 14 or 15 I began to compose songs. The first song I ever wrote was called Fractured Fairytales and it was about taking happy things and turning them into something dark, like possessed children's toys, haunted doll houses, zombie house pets, tales with unhappy endings and so on. Everyone that I showed the song too said...hey, that would be a great band name. More songs were written, the vision was developing and every time a friend would talk about my music they would say, hey, let them hear the new Fractured Fairytales song. That is what everyone has always known my music as. I still see people from middle school that remember me handing out cassette tapes of shit I recorded on a boombox. I would hand draw and cut and paste a bunch of pictures together then make copies of it on a copy machine as the covers and dub each tape one at a time then give them out at school. I also carried a Necronomicon with me and would always start up conversations by saying, excuse me miss, Have you read the Necronomicon today.

4. Do you have any Fractured Fairytales worth telling?

NyX: We have our share of Fractured stories from our time on the road and from fans that have gone a tad bit too far with their obsessions, People are strange to say the lest, from poems written to us in blood, a painting done in blood and god knows what else, someone has put in their Will that upon their death Lutachrist will get the body to do with as he wishes, to the other normal things like roadies flying through windows in NYC, band members being left in faraway cities as the bus rolls on, tons of good times which cannot be spoken of here and so on. We have had in interesting run if I do say so myself.

5. Since your name is Fractured Fairytales, does your name involve any fairytales within your music or are the name and music separated?

Orpheus: The music is the fairytale. The tells we speak of are all fractured. Even though it's a reflection of what we see in the world today.

6. If you could come up with your own Fractured Fairytale based on one of the real fairy tales which would you pick and how would you tell it in your own words?

Drudge: It's really hard to narrow any one fairytale down. They're all based off horrible, sadistic, and most time psychotic "heroes" doing battle with a mostly reclusive and misunderstood villain who only struck out at them in defense or retaliation. Or as a slight against their arrogance or vanity. The only thing I would change is that the witch, or evil wizard or ogre or dragon or giant or whatever antagonist fits the part actually wins for a change. I mean honestly, when does the good guy ever win outside of movies and works of fiction anyways.
Lutachrist: I have always had my eye on Alice in Wonderland. Way before the remake, way before the games, I saw a blighted and darkened Fairytale land. I had night terrors as a child that are eviler than anything that I have seen since. I am still not sure how my child mind could produce such horror. I have always seen an Alice plummet into my night terrors just to show the world what I have hidden away. Just to be able to recreate what drove me mad as a child. No one can fathom until they have seen.

7. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Orpheus: Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Cannibal Corpse, Megadeth and believe it or not Mozart.

8. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Lutachrist: Our lyrical theme changes somewhat from album to album. Musically thus far we have not written any Fairytales. We see our music as a reflection of the world and of the collective human consciousness. The lyrics are dark in a positive way. We are not sobbing or saddened at the state of things, though way worse than most are aware of or can imagine. I live pleasantly with knowledge that would madden the average spirit. Like everyone we have songs about death but we have no love songs. We have songs of anger, a wide array of negative human emotions, disconnection, isolation, spirits, haunting, the world ending over and over again....government con.....we are working on our fourth studio full length album so we have covered a lot of ground. We have also shared forbidden knowledge in which are cursed for. It's true, ask anyone who has ever done work for us.....anytime someone tries to record us....there computers crash...anytime anyone tries to film us and give us a video either their cameras malfunction on site or their computers crash while editing. That is one of the reasons we do everything ourselves. I guess no one else can sustain the curse. We rock that shit.

9. So you guys don't sing about fairies, castles, Princess's and magical wonderlands?

NyX: No, more like, the world is dying thanks to greed and corruption on a global level from this planets governments and humanity has been killing itself off with a sick smile on its ignorant little face. We may look one way but the truth to Fractured Fairytales lays within the lyrics and in the imagery of the music videos we create. So no magical wonderlands at all.

10. If you did, what types of stories would you come up with revolving around those topics?

NyX: Gothic wonderlands with whips, chains, blood and pentagrams. The kind of stories you only see in your head at night just before jumping awake in a cold sweat shaking and terrified.
11. Your latest release "Egregore" has been out for a year, have you gone on to write anything new in terms of a follow-up?

Orpheus:  Absolutely the fractured train never stops moving. We're 4 dedicated individuals that live, eat, sleep music.

12. You released not one but three singles "Null and Void", "Blighted", and "Dear Human". Why were these songs picked out as singles and will these be it for the "Egregore" release or will there be more?

NyX: We knew from the start of the recording process that “Egregore” was going to turn out pretty heavy. We didn’t want to leave our older fans or the ones who like Fractured Fairytales for our industrial work high and dry so before we melted the worlds face with a very heavy and metal album we decided to release the “Blighted” video to act as a bridge to the rest of the album. Before “Egregore” dropped we released the “Dear Human” single to prepare the masses for what was to come. We knew we wasn’t going to make a physical video for it so we made it a lyric video to try and get some of our message out clearly. “Null and Void” is our heaviest song to date in my opinion and we made it into a dark and, like our other videos, with lots of occult imagery in it. We are currently working on two more videos for the album, one of which will be coming out soon as we approach the end of filming. Both songs are completely opposite and will hopefully please both our metal fans and the industrial ones.

13. Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?

NyX: We do play live, that’s for sure. Our live activity is best seen on our YouTube channel with the “SO Red Its Black” live video and “The Great Abomination” live video. Blood, smoke, fire breathers, pole dancers, and the occasional virgin sacrifice and so on.

14. Tell us about your next set of shows and or tours that you have in-store and why we should go check you guys out.

Lutachrist:  We always try to revamp and grow between every albums era. The theme of the next album is something completely different and we are going bigger this time than we ever have. We are known for having blood, fire breathers, dancers, flag bishops, jumping all over the place and just an all out throw down. We drink beer and blood and smash guitars, the crowd gets amped up and that just feeds us, we just let that inner beast free and it really connects with our audience. It lets them know that it's ok, sets them free. There is no tomorrow every night. We wake up all bruised and cut up, can't tell which blood is real or fake, everything hurts. Drink some coconut water, take an ibuprofen, do it again.

15. Are you guys signed or unsigned?

Drudge: We were previously a part of Secular Records but stepped away to take a different more hands on approach. We wanted total control of every gear in the Fractured Fairytales machine.

16. If you are not, what should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Drudge - Fractured Fairytales is a loaded gun, ready to blow the back of the world's head out. We are what people have been waiting for. There's plenty of imitations, but we are the genuine article. There's no one out there that does what we do at the level at which we do it. We are the best in our "weight - class" for a lack of better words. We're the number one contenders, and it's high time we got our title shot.

17. What else can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

NyX- Within the next 12 months there will be 3 videos, two more tours, and another album which is halfway done coming out. We never stop.

18. Any final words of wisdom?

Orpheus: Stay in school. It's less responsibility and from what I've learned throughout my years people can take everything away from but your knowledge.

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