The Raven Black Project Quotes the Darkness Nevermore

Los Globos set on the iconic Sunset Blvd within the heart of Los Angeles, California, this infamous venue is just 5 minutes apart from the Downtown LA area and East of Hollywood terrain. That said, it's been doing it's thing since the mid 1930's. As such, the venue got its first encounter with me. Stepping foot upon it's personal parking lot, the side way lead right to the venue, it encasing two floors with its own stage, filled with four bars, VIP areas, and smoking patio, that each floor is well equipped with gear to accommodate to any size act, that wants to strut their stuff.

In anyway case, having arrived to the venue a tad late, the line-up on the bill was quite interesting, having it's armament of local acts, up-and-comers, and the well know, the acts to my coverage needs, were sadly no were to be seen, somewhat. One up-and-comer Violent New Breed, featuring former member Max Green of Falling In Reverse, and co-founder/former member of Escape The Fate, was said to perform, but due to falling ill, had to cancel the band's performance, but says they will return to the LA scene, soon enough!

Another up-and-comer is MurderFM who believe it or not kicked off the night, but had to be missed due to set time mishap, so no word can be said about their stage presences. So who was leftover? Well one of Los Angele's own acts, one called The Raven Black Project. Whose done well for themselves, in 2013 releasing a single "Died Inside" following up a year later in 2014 with an EP "Midnight Dreary", and a full-length album due sometime this year in 2016. Their stage performance shouldn't be far off no? Well in this case, no it isn't far off, not by the least, their stage attics were quite interesting, their style is mixed between gothic, alternative, hard rock, metal and even classical, to create something dark and heavy sounding. Their front women yes female vocalist Raven Cox, does her duties as vocalist very well, interacting with the crowd, singing to them in the small venue setting, as she walked through the crowd, staring people down, as she sung about the overwhelming darkness. While other times, she banged her head to the beat of her own tunes, to using stage props to bring the music more to life, the band brought the likeness to the audience witnessing their presents.

The Raven Black Project:

The Raven Black Project really did a solid performance, with their said setlist, set-up, and performance tactics, that kept the crowd, earning for more, after their performance was said and done. They will surely be going places, from this point out.

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