Angerdome - Self-Titled

Groove metal has always been a hit or miss for me, certain acts pull it off, while others not so much. In the case of Angerdome with their Self-Titled album, in this particular case, their release isn't half bad to say the least. The instruments and vocal chords really clash together, making the music work out well enough, that you don't get bored or annoyed by it. This album is a true headbanger, having fast tempos, riffs, solos, and just a musical beat that is crafty. Such songs as "Escape The Reality", "Welcome to Angerdome", and "Erase", are just some of the songs off this release that stand out the most, at least to my ears. Again these guys aren't half bad, they have style and can surly continue it, with ease, just build up that momentum and these guys can go anywhere and everywhere no problem.

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