Sharky Sharky's Baxter and Andy Bring the Rock! Fins and All!

Children's music, who would have known that a such type of music, would bring forth a rock act unlike any other, this act coming from the depths of the sea? Yes! In fact they do come from the sea, these guys aren't just a children's musical act but a rock act that can be enjoyed by all! These fins and gills is the one and only Sharky Sharky! Guitarist, composer, and architect of production Baxter, along with bassist Andy discuss their fishy tales from under the sea to up to the surface!

1. Can you introduce yourselves and tell us your role in the band?

Baxter: I'm Baxter and I am the guitarist, composer and architect of production!

Andy: I'm Andy! I play bass guitar and try not to use posh phrases like ''architect of production''

2. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Baxter: We are at the moment based out of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK. The music scene is vibrant here with many local bands, musicians and gigs, in comparison to bigger cities I have lived in such as Edinburgh. I would recommend a band from round here called Forest Fires, a hugely talented band light years ahead of their time. You can tell they're gonna be pretty big soon so I dolphinetely suggest you check them out. And yes I did that pun on porpoise.

 3. Let's talk a little about the history of your band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

Baxter: We formed in 2013 Anno Domini and are with the same lineup as when we started! There was a time when Andy ate too much octopus and had to go to rehab. We thought we'd have to get a new bassist but luckily we just had a sit down with him and explained to him that if he kept eating all this octopus, he was gonna end up with an inky belly. He started being more responsible with his eating habits soon afterwards.

Andy: I do love a bit of octopus. I knew there was no way these guys would fire me though, no one can play bass as well as me! And what else are they gonna do, I'm the only shark in the world that can play bass, not only that, I'm the only other shark in the world that has hands!

4. Do you remember how the idea of forming the band first came up?

Baxter: We were cursed by the evil octopus King Olof! He put a spell on us which made us grow legs and because of this, we were banned from the ocean, and forced to walk the earth indefinitely! We started to like walking around though and soon enjoyed what the above water world has to offer. There are things we did not enjoy however. Justin Bieber? NO NO NO NO. We decided to show the world how real music is done and so we formed this rock band to end the tyranny of terrible music once and for all!

5. How long after you formed was it until you played your first live show?

Andy: About 1 and a half years from the idea to start the band until our first show! It was at the Aberdeen Aquatics Centre for their 1 Year Anniversary of opening. We performed beside an olympic sized swimming pools as kids were swimming and playing on a giant inflatable 'Total Wipeout' style thing. It was absolutely incredible. I just wanted to jump in the pool and join in! If there was a shark in the swimming pool it might have frightened the kids a bit though.

6. What are your memories of the performance?

Baxter: We played the songs really well, and had the crowd jumping up and down. It was at the start of summer and it just felt symbolic of a new beginning, the sun was shining, we met loads of new fans and as the fans were excited to meet us, we were even more excited to meet them. It was awesome!

7. How would you categorize the style of the band?

Baxter: Sharkcore! Or Shark Themed Adventure Rock! Or as The Rock Father who's a big supporter of ours likes to call us - Kindie Metal! There's elements of our power metal roots in there for sure, also some pop punk, general pop, perhaps some 90's-2000s europop flavour and just good old fashioned rocking out - with extra helpings of guitar and keyboard solos!

8. Why did you want sharks to be the theme of your band?

Andy: We were considering being Crocodiles and calling ourselves The Rockodiles but ultimately, well sharks are just the coolest animals ever right?

9. Do you have a favorite shark? If so, which type is it and why?

Baxter: Well I'm a Great White Shark myself so I've gotta do a shout out to my genus yo! Hammerheads look so cool too! That's mostly why we got Andy in the band, it's certainly not because of his musical skill!

Andy: Haha very funny Baxter! Hammerheads are way cooler, smarter, and we have excellent depth perception and peripheral vision!

Baxter: Peripheral Pershmiferal.

10. So then, Jaws must be your best friend am I right? Or do your kind of sharks not get along with the big guy?

Andy: I actually went to school with that guy, every time I go back home I see him in the gym or whatever and he's acting like this big Hollywood A-Lister, too cool to talk to his old friends! A pretty over-rated actor too, he only showed like one emotion in that film, I mean come on!

11. Have you seen the Jaw films? Would you say that the Jaws films, would be the cinematic equivalent of Sharky Sharky?

Andy: Yes we've seen it and NO! We're actually really friendly! Seriously! We all get a bad rap for that film! One day we are going to do our own film and show everyone what sharks are really like!

12. You shot your first music video for the single "Bring The Rock". What was that experience like?

Baxter: Incredible experience. The director David Keith, who has actually directed a lot of famous horror films, I actually thought was a shark at first, but it turns out he's a human that just looks like a shark! He has been going to the gym too much I think!

13. Are there any plans to release any more music videos from the album "Super Awesome Mega Rock"? Will it be a continuation of the first?

Baxter: It depends how the sales of the album go! If we sell lots of CD's, we can make more videos! :D I'd personally like to do a video for Legend of the Megashark, though we'd love to hear from the fans which songs they'd like to see a video for! We have a few more lyric videos finished and ready to release for songs on this album too.

14. What's your take on "Super Awesome Mega Rock" as a whole?

Baxter: It's our Magnus Octopus! Our masterpeice! Wow Magnus Octopus should probably have been the title of it, HOW DID WE MISS THAT?! But seriously we're happy with how it turned out. I know personally it's the record I wanted to make for years but couldn't because I was busy playing in super moody metal bands where you're not allowed to be happy and super sugary high energy. Songs like Sharky Life Forever and Bring the Rock open the album and explain what we're about, then Legend of the Megashark and Jake the Jellyfish are monstrous festivals of fun that don't let the energy die down at all until we get half way through the album to When All The Lights Go Out which is very heavy but also a bit slower in places and with lyrics that are a lot more thought provoking than they have ANY business being.

15. Let's talk a little about your latest release, what are the listeners in store for with this release?

Baxter: Catchiness. I believe this to be quite possibly the catchiest thing ever written. It's also very hard hitting and with lots of epic guitar solos. We think this album may surprise you though. There are hidden and alternate meanings to a lot of the lyrics that younger audiences probably won't pick up on and are in there for the older listener. Look for the metaphors people! There are also lots of musical layers that you might only notice on your 43rd time listening to the album. Certainly enough to keep you invested on multiple listens through of the album.

 16. Your music has been said to be aimed towards kids, but is it only for kids or can anyone enjoy it?

Andy: People say that, but we believe ANYONE can enjoy this. Family entertainment you might say, there is something in it for everyone. We don't ignore any age group, it's not SOOO for kids that adults would find it cringe worthy, a HUGE part of our fan base are adults and we take pride in being able to cater to a large age range.

17. Who are your influences and how have they shaped your bands sound?

Andy: From back under the sea The Sharkness and A Sea D Sea.

Since we've moved to the land Queen, Dragonforce, Blink 182, Owl City and specifically for Baxter - Yngwie Malmsteen.

18. Does the entire band contribute to the writing process? Where do you draw the inspiration for the songs you write?

Baxter: The songs are written by myself (Baxter) and Sharky. Occasionally Jawnofin will have an idea too. We draw the inspiration from things we see in everyday life, memories of when we were children and mostly, our imagination!

19. Why the name Sharky Sharky? Does it have a meaning to go with it?

Andy: It just sounds catchy! Sharky is also the name of our singer but mostly we just like the sound of it and could not think of anything better!

20. What are your current plans and tour plans, if any?

Baxter: Well this would be a good place to make the announcement that we've finished writing the second full length album and have just entered the studio to start recording it! We don't have a title yet but after this interview, I'm thinking Magnus Octopus may be a good title? Yea? :D In terms of the future and touring our next goal is to get our own TV Show and we have been in talks with a few companies about creating a pilot for a Sharky Sharky TV show, so stay tuna'd for more information about that too!

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