Amelia - Self-Titled

Hardcore rock n' rollers, literally, Amelia has combined these two genres of hardcore, mixed in with rock n' roll, to create a style of their very own. Thus, their Self-Titled EP was created, plus the addition of a single and a video for "The Truth Is", off the EP was released, the single and video alone, enclose what can be found upon this release. Other songs noted includes "Before The End", and "Let Them Fight For It", which bring out an expressive amount of passion, aggression, and pride, in hard hitting music. The instruments and vocal chords work well with one another, each clashing together if you will, as the lyrics, trail along, bringing it altogether. This band and debut EP is just a solid mix match of material, that really takes you in as a listener, giving you an unforgivable listening experience.

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