Deathless Creation - Thrash N Roll

Thrash metal comes in all shapes and sizes, including combing thrash metal with rock n' roll? Yes indeedy from Deathless Creation with their debut release under the Timezone Records label, this one called "Thrash N Roll". Their previous release was a self-released effort, one called "Endless Source Of Power" released back in 2011, if you were curious at all. As far as "Thrash N Roll" goes, it's filled with 12-tracks two of which have been exposed as being "Escape The Prison" featuring Vagelis Maranis and the other track being "As Long As There's A God". These tracks alone, set up what this album consists of being. A solid release that combines what was said before, thrash metal, mashed together with rock n' roll, you get the heaviness of thrash metal, with the clean vocals of rock n' roll, thrown together, it ends up being not so bad. These songs are again a solid set, the rest of the album is just as impressive, having the material being catchy, edgy, and aggressive, with melody poked in here and there. All in all it's a release that is unique and stands out to be one, you won't forget about, this is Deathless Creation and their debut album entitled "Thrash N Roll".

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