Soul Dissolution - Pale Distant Light

Soul Dissolution's debut full-length "Pale Distant Light", isn't your average black metal album, from a black metal act, this one is filled with the black metal genre, with added genres on top of it, like depressive black metal, post black metal, Belgium depressive black metal mixed with melancholic post black Belgium metal. It's quite the combination if you think about it. In any case, this doesn't come along the ranks of Belphegor, Dimmu Borgir, or even Behemoth style. This is more mellow dramatic black metal, having the instruments take a back seat, with the vocals still being presentable and fierce, but it isn't all in your face all at once. It takes it's time if you will, especially on such songs as "This Red Painting in the Sky", "Immanence of Unfulfillment" and the three part of "The Final Dissolution". These songs alone, really make up this release, capturing that dramatic, slow yet modern mixture that is this combination of black metal music. It is a decent release, with interesting tracks throughout, but these songs do bring it together. Soul Dissolution's debut efforts, is a good release on its own and will surly capture some type of listener in one way if not another.

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