Beauty In The Suffering - The Crazies

Having been known around the industrial metal scene for some time now, artist and producer DieTrich Thrall, has brought his musical craft to his latest band project Beauty In The Suffering, with their debut EP "The Crazies". It consists of 4-tracks three of which known as the band's “Zombie Trilogy” consisting of "The Crazies" part 1, "Reveille", part 2, and "Juliet" part 3, as well as a cover tune for the song "Your Love" originally sung by The Outfield.

Any who, Beauty In The Suffering's debut EP "The Crazies" is well just that, crazy but in a good way. The music style is as mentioned before, it is industrial mixed with metal, so if you had Orgy blended with The Misfits, thrown around with Marilyn Manson, that's what is presented on this release. The "Zombie Trilogy" for one, is a decent round up of songs, that are catchy, uplifting, and creative. The instruments work well with the vocals, which are screamy at times, with some clean cuts here and there, making it simply all work well together, when it comes down to it.

The cover song "Your Love" is well played, not sounding precisely like the original, but close to it someway, Beauty In The Suffering takes the song, into their own hands, crafting it, into their own version and vision if you will. The song works well when they take over it. It's still magical even in this modern day twist of it.

Beauty In The Suffering's debut EP "The Crazies", is a solid release that captures that metal industrial sense, that will gladly improve on further releases, for sure.

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