Fable Cry - We'll Show You Where the Monsters Are

Theatrical music is all the rage these days, a handful of acts are well known for it, while others are getting into it, including Fable Cry, with their latest album "We'll Show You Where the Monsters Are". This album includes the single made into a video for the track "Dead or Alive (For Now)", which was a spooky good time of a tune. The rest of the album however, is how do I put it, just interesting, like if you are a fan of the gothic atmosphere of such creators as Tim Burton, then that's what Fable Cry is all about. Like besides their single track, the other tracks that stood out would have to be "The Good Doctor", "Fancy Dancing", and "The Zoo Of No Return", each of these songs provided their own approach, if you will, creating a musical pattern, that never disappointed, it just made the music more bouncy and catchy. That's another thing that "We'll Show You Where the Monsters Are" does, it's just filled with spookiness, eeriness, and just tons of fun! Fable Cry may be following along the lines of the theatrical appeal to that take in music, and it suits them well, so well that it shouldn't fail to not work out for them.

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