CANNIBAL CORPSE: New Track Premiere Hosted By Decibel Magazine

Death metal progenitors CANNIBAL CORPSE today unearth their third single, “Encased In Concrete,” via Decibel Magazine. “Encased In Concrete” is the fourth track off the band’s crushing new studio offering, Torture.

To check it out, point your ear holes HERE.

Produced by Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan, Torture is an undeniable creation of pile-driving brilliance and another testament to the band’s lifelong dedication to the death metal genre. In a 9/10 review of the record, Decibel Magazine proclaimed: “As always, the band’s musicianship is downright inspiring. And their songwriting has never been better.” Hellbound offered up the same rating stating bluntly: “This album fucking destroys and I wouldn’t have expected or accepted anything less….” Blistering crowned the record “an absolute monster from start to finish,” while Metal Underground proclaimed Torture, “… the best album since Vile.” Zero Tolerance calling it a work of: “pure death metal mastery from one of the best bands the genre has ever produced,” and Pure Grain Audio hailed: “Torture is a straight-to-the-point death metal fest that proves that the 24 year-old CANNIBAL CORPSE still has a lot in store and an exciting future ahead of them. Let the musical evisceration happily continue…”

The band’s twelfth full-length will be available to North American fans on March 13, 2012 via Metal Blade Records.

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