Elysion Field - New Beginnings

Elysion Fields's release "New Beginnings” is just that a new beginning on the horizon for these new comers with this they are on their way to doing something within the metal genre. With that there is a lot going on here from fast driven riffs to heart pounding drum beats with growling screams with clear crisp vocals popping in every so often it's an interesting blend that has been done before by other numerous acts.

In which it includes anyone from As I Lay Dying to Veil Of Maya, to Dirge Within, this is the precise type of styling and similarity that Elysion Fields pushes out. Lyrically they are well spoken and really relate well to the music being portrayed here each instrument doing its own thing really directing where everything is heading.

Elysion Fields is on the right path and know which way they want to go and will likely end up next. Keep a clear eye out for them because they are coming faster than you realized even possible.

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