Modern Day Escape – Under The Gun

Having discovering a band like Modern Day Escape wasn't that hard and since I re-listened to their 2009 debut “House of Rats” countless times I knew I’d be sucked into their society soon enough and it was from 2010 onward that I was a member of the Modern Day Escape community.

Since then the band has toured relentlessly with various acts as Black Veil Brides and Wednesday 13 just getting their name out into the open really exposing and promoting who they are and where they were from and everything in between of course. With this they went on to begin writing and recording for their follow-up release entitled “Under the Gun” with two brand spanking new members guitarist Mark Burns and percussionist Sandra Alva formerly of Black Veil Brides.

So out with the old and in with the new totally new it seems since discussion of an all new album was in the works fans were in total anticipation for it especially having Sandra taking the percussion role this time around there was going to be high hopes and it all began with the releases of the title track and fan devoted track "The Syndicate", these alone really expose who Modern Day Escape is as of right now and where they will forever be.

Other mentionable tracks that really expand the band’s musical abilities and skill set has to include "Angels Up Above", and “Voiceless”, a selective set of ballad tunes that preserve the hard rock tone just a tad. "Feeds On The Darkside", "Playing Victim", and "Demons Down Below", on the other hand construct the band’s maturity as musicians and leave us in wonder as to what will happen next.

If may not be as edgy as “House of Rats” was but that was then and “Under The Gun” is right here and right now.

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