God Forbid - Equilibrium

God Forbid's 2009 release "Earthsblood" is what drove me into checking them out after listening to the groovy tunes that is and was God Forbid's known style kept me interested for some time and now 3 years later they have gone on to release an all new album entitled "Equilibrium".

Their potential style has returned just as everything else has having driven drum beats with killer guitar riffs with on-going rhythms that keeps the energy and momentum flowing. Like take for instance "Don't Tell Me What To Dream", "My Rebirth", "Conquer", and "This Is Who I Am" these all showcase the band's abilities even further than what they have come to be. Lyrics and singing style remain true to God Forbid's style having those screechy vocals delivered hard and heavy while having lyrics that really strike the listener really expanding his vocal direction with this release.

The album continues onward with its modern metal appeal with melodic approach happening every so often that it maintains the music being pursued and really pushes it for all it's got. This is indeed God Forbid's strongest and most appealing record to date and will not be one to miss.

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