I See Stars - Digital Renegade

Whenever a name crosses your path you always stop and wonder where I have heard or seen that name before? Well it just so happens that this is what happened to me, with the band known as I See Stars. They did make their break when they started a few years back having also getting a slot on the ABC television show Jimmy Kimmel Live really boosted their musical careers ever so further there was no telling as to where or when it would stop.

But it never did manage to stop it continued on so much so that fans would grow and grow and more tours, writing, and recording would commence and hence the third album is among us entitled “Digital Renegade”. With that the band decided to work with producer Joey Sturgis who's done work with Emmure and Asking Alexandria so I had a feeling that this release would do them well. So that being said this new album has taken an all new approach having it be a blend of aggression meets difference in their source of style. Like take the opening track "Gnars Attacks" this track instantly showcases I See Stars style and how it differs whether it'd be screaming attics or various breakdowns it's all to be expected one way or another.

The vocals on the other hand do sound ten times better and more improved and rather impressive on a selection of tracks "Endless Sky" "iBelieve", and "Electric Forest", are just what sum up what this album is truly about and what makes I See Stars such a devoted and adoring band to not get into. The riffs, breakdowns, vocals, it all combines into a much heavier style and ground that these musicians can walk upon and not worry about living up to their previous expectations.

It is clear that I See Stars have taken a different approach on this release and that's what makes it a solid source of sound and ability to their craftsmanship as musicians.

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