A Midnight Tragedy’s Dallas Sanchez Talks of Upcoming Material and All there is to Come!

A Midnight Tragedy an act with punk rock adrenaline and a hard rock vibe that keeps the momentum full and focused. Since the release of their debut EP these guys have gotten everything together and are currently laying it all out for their all new release that was produced by Aiden's frontman Wil Francis. Frontman Dallas Sanchez spoke to me about the band’s beginnings and what he hopes will become of the band from this upcoming release and other installments from touring, videos, merch, and just getting the music out to the masses one by one!

1. A Midnight Tragedy where did the name come from?

Dallas: Batman... I was reading a comic around the time we started the group and one of the lines read, “It was at midnight when tragedy struck and the batman was dead.” I was such a diehard batman fan it seemed right so we just went with it.

2. Tell me about your EP and how does it compare to your upcoming release?

Dallas: Well our first release was self produced, we were younger and trying to find our niche as a group, the majority of us were in another band together and it was more of a pop punk group so we wanted to go darker, this album takes that to another level, we have established our sound already and now are trying to send a message. This album was also produced by Wil Francis of the band Aiden so it was just an awesome experience for us.

3. What can you tell me about your upcoming album?

Dallas: Well for one it is a little more aggressive than the last album, the last album was the transition for us from a pop punk band to more of a post hardcore group yet we still kept elements of pop in our sound. This album started out very basic and very aggressive and then Wil heard the songs and was not impressed at all so we spent a year going back and forth with him and really getting into the songs we have now. It's basically a more aggressive but more adult content that touches drug addiction and the effects it has on friendships and relationships of life in general, we just want people to relate to our songs in every way possible.

4. How is the vibe in the studio currently? Any fights?

Dallas: There are always fights! lol No the vibe is really awesome for the most part, we get into it a lot but that’s part of the business, I'm very passionate about this band and about music in general and sometimes I tend to explode but I mean, I get to be in a band with my best friends which is a blessing. Dan our drummer has been dating my sister in law for like 5 years they live together now so I and he are family and he is our engineer as well so I spend more time with him.

5. Where are you in the recording process of the new album?

Dallas: I'm glad to say we are officially in post production, all recording is done and we are already listening to different mixes and so far we are very pleased with the results.

6. Who is producing the album?

Dallas: Wil Francis of the band Aiden/William Control, as well as myself and Dan, we are very particular when it comes to our sound, but Wil has helped us make this album as epic as can be.

7. Where are you recording the album?

Dallas: We are recording the album at our private studio in Kearny NJ, Rustic Recordings. Well it's not private Dan does record other artists there as well; it just seems fun to call it our private studio. Haha

8. Did you have any goals set before recording even began for the album?

Dallas: Of course, like every band we dreamt of super stardom and when Wil contacted me about working on our new album with us I thought this was it, this was our big break... our main goal was to touch as many people as we can with our music and I feel with this album that we will.

9. Are you using any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before?

Dallas: No, we talked about using live orchestra on this record as opposed to it being simulated on the keyboard but in the end we just decided to stick to our roots and go with guitars, bass, drums, keys and of course vocals, lots of vocals!

10. When did you start writing for this album?

Dallas: In late 2008, we performed at The Bamboozle Festival in 08 where we also released our first release and 24 hours later Wil Francis contacted me via MySpace, now for us this was huge as Aiden was a huge influence on our first album so right there I immediately started writing some songs for the new album, we started tracking them when we got back from tour and sent him some demos.

11. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Dallas: We are shooting for a May 2012 release; and are planning on releasing it at the Bamboozle 2012 Festival hopefully.

12. Do you have any music videos in the works?

Dallas: We actually have 3 in the works, I've written treatments for 2 awesome videos that will be professionally filmed and edited and we plan on putting together a live footage video with some shots of us at shows and in the studio that one will be done by me on my laptop. There is also a promo video for our album that I recorded and edited myself at my house on Valentine’s Day.

13. What was it like playing 2007's Vans Warped Tour? Are there any current touring plans in the works or nothing right now?

Dallas: Warped was awesome!!!! We met some awesome people that day and had an awesome set and an awesome turnout. We definitely plan on touring once this album drops; we haven't toured since October of 09 so we definitely miss the road, and hopefully a summer tour or a stint on the Warped Tour so we'll see what happens when this album hits the masses!

14. What else do you have in store for this year?

Dallas: Bottom line we plan to take over the music scene! Years ago when we started this band’s music was different it was music, it meant something, nowadays music is nothing but watered down crap shoved down our throats for profit! We want to bring meaning to music again. We have this album, music videos, tons of great shows lined up, we are starting a campaign, we want people from all over the world to join our movement and become KILLERS, a KILLER is a member of our clique the 268 crew as a KILLER you get exclusive tracks and merch and what not it’s pretty fun.

15. Is there anything else you'd like to say or add?

Dallas: I really think that music is such a beautiful thing, it is something that can make you feel happy and sad and angry and relaxed all at the same time. Music can tell a story or it can create a mood, in the words of men like Bob Marley and Bradley Nowelle, one good thing about music is when it hits you - you feel no pain... I live by that, music is everything and I want people to listen to A Midnight Tragedy and feel all those great feelings.

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