Wretched – The Exodus Of Autonmy

Wretched's 2009 debut release "The Exodus Of Autonmy" was what drew me to these guys but since then I had forgotten they even existed until now. They have returned with now their third album called "Son of Perdition" the follow-up to 2010's "Beyond The Gate". Now this all new installment takes the band to much greater heights than their debut ever did the guitars are faster, riffs are slicker, drum beats more groovy with the vocals going over the top.

"Dilated Disappointment", "Repeat... The End Is Near", "Dreams Of Chaos", and "Karma Accomplished", are what make this release such a stunning one with the added addition of a three-part trilogy of songs called "The Stellar Sunset of Evolution" that really extends the Wretched's sound ever so further. The lyrics are brutal keeping in tune with the music being played from front to back never skipping a beat at all.

Overall this is indeed a release that goes beyond what the Wretched first released way back when and is a force needed to be reckoned with.

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