Zardonic - Vulgar Display Of Bass

It is a time where dubstep has entered our domain and where industrial and drumstep, dubstep all unite to create a genre known as bass metal with drum and bass cut in between thus the birth of Zardonic begins.

"Vulgar Display Of Bass" takes everything mentioned above and injects it with a musical twist that really keeps the beats coming at the listener. Some of the tunes that really stand out include "Revolution", "Kickass", "Dominate", "Destroy", "Cut Raw", and "Deathmachine" are just a selective set of tunes that really express the reality and uniqueness that is Zardonic.

The instrumental use being portrayed here is creative and catchy really driving that over the edge source of rhythm and technique. Zardonic continues to further push his boundaries beyond the Drum and Bass scene and explore his endless well of creativity and there is no stopping him.

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