Cadaveria’s Frontwomen Talks All about Horror Metal, What it is and what it does!

Cadaveria formed in 2001 soon after they rounded up the musicians they knew would suit their band's musical style and inspiration which lead them to release several releases, tour, and of course write and record even more. Now that a new era is upon them a fourth album is spreading faster than the plague itself and it is called "Horror Metal" the all new beginning to an all new realm of horror and darkness known only as Cadaveria! Frontwomen Cadaveria herself spoke to me about the band's latest achievement and what was said about the process of it and where the band will be throughout this current time and year.

1. Where did a name like Cadaveria come from?

Cadaveria: My nickname testifies my love for all what is obscure and unknown and my attraction to what is forbidden.

2. What can you tell me about your latest release Horror Metal?

Cadaveria: It was released on January 31st 2012 on Bakerteam Records and we are very excited on how it has been welcomed by fans and critics. Feedback is 100% positive and we must agree with this, as we think Horror Metal is the best album we have ever released. The album features eleven brand new songs composed along the past years and recorded during 2010. We have been in the recording studios for a long time, since we have produced the album by ourselves, caring about all aspects. In 2011, after a premix, we entered the studios again to add some keyboards parts and to re-record some vocal parts I didn’t like. Finally, after a long mastering, the album is now in stores, ready to kill.

3. Why did you want to name your album that and what does it symbolize?

Cadaveria: Since our first release The Shadows’ Madame, people have always defined our style as Horror Metal This time we thought no other words could better describe the evil and horror atmosphere you can breathe by listening to this album. So in this case Horror Metal represents more a mood than a genre, dealing with the cryptic sensations coming from these new songs.

4. What's the music scene like in Italy are there any band's you'd recommend?

Cadaveria: I don’t follow the scene so much and I don’t know if there is any rising star in the Italian underground. Our panorama is still “monopolized” by historic bands like Necrodeath, Sadist, CADAVERIA, Death SS, and Lacuna Coil. I hope some young talent will be able to break the schemes, otherwise in ten years the Italian scene will be dead.

5. When did you get signed to Bakerteam Records and what was running through your mind when you got signed?

Cadaveria: After the experience with Season of Mist, that released our third album In Your Blood, we were looking for a label that had the right enthusiasm to promote our new album in the proper way. Bakerteam is a division of Scarlet Records, for which our first two albums were released; we already knew the guys working in it, so it has been like a return to home. Together with Worm Hole Death, our publisher, they are doing the work we were expecting.

6. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Cadaveria: Basically the lyrics deal with personal experiences, dreams and nightmares and sometimes take inspiration from literature, cinema (“Apocalypse” lyrics is the transcription of a monologue from Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto) or art in general. I write about sensations, state of mind, fears, wishes... Dark and sad lyrics sometimes enlightened by flashes of the unexpected. I often speak about death, but I also think about life, inner force, pride, energy, desires and pleasures. The places inspiring our lyrics are plunged into fog. They are the places where we I live, the places that influence what I am and what I write.

7. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Cadaveria: I continually take note of things I’m interested in. When it is time to start composing a new album I reorganize these notes in a lyric and so, lyrically, a new song is born. Dick Laurent, our new guitar player, wrote the most part of the riffs for Horror Metal. The first work we always do when we meet each other in the rehearsal room is to fix which lyrics better suit with the musical parts. Then we build the songs structure, choose the rhythm and so on... After a pre-production we usually revisit the tracks, changing melodies, adding arrangements and guitar harmonization’s.

8. Who are your musical influences?

Cadaveria: The band’s members have a different musical background that crosses from the Seventies Hard Rock to Black Metal. Our music is the result of these variegated musical tastes. Horror Metal is full of influences coming from Death Metal, Black Metal, Gothic and Heavy Metal in general, passing through Black Sabbath and the Eighties New Wave...

8. How do you describe your music to people?

Cadaveria: Well, finally we too can use this definition: Horror Metal, of course! A personal mix of extreme Metal music, spiced with ghosts, darkness and zombies coming from cemeteries. It’s a cry of forbidden passions and terrible anguishes.

9. What image do you think your music conveys?

Cadaveria: Our music communicated emotions, power, elegance and precision. Close your eyes and you will see crows in the fog, stale blood, wild beasts, wind and fire. Pump up the volume and let yourself be enraptured by fear!

10. How about touring when will you guys be hitting the road and will you be making your way to the U.S.?

Cadaveria: We are playing some live dates in Italy and we are receiving offers to play abroad in Europe this autumn. Unfortunately to tour the US is still a far hypothesis.

11. What is one thing everyone should know about Cadaveria?

Cadaveria: I would like everyone know our new album entitled Horror Metal is out now! You can get it in your local music stores or directly on Follow us on for any update. Thanks a lot!

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