Cold Draft Brings Perish Upon the Whisky

The cold crisp air of the Sunset Strip could only mean two things the weather has been detected or there's some metal nearby in this case of tonight's occurrence both of these options have combined into one the absolute truth! Taking place at the famous Whisky A Go-Go tonight would be the night of pure death metal mixed along with a variety of other music genres from hardcore to black metal everything is offered to you from tonight's performers.

Opening the night comes Conducting from the Grave a death metal hardcore sensational act for fans of other metaling acts Unearth, Between the Buried and Me and The Black Dahlia Murder. Their set consisted of about 20 minutes throwing out a lot of their old material mixed in with their new material from their newest installment "When Legends Become Dust." Their set brought the crowd roaring with excitement and energy running through their veins popping every blood visel on their body. The pit in the center was even getting some attention having the hardcore dancers do their thing showing off their top notch dance moves to the beat of the music in the background as the rest of the audience headbanged right along.

Next up came forth Underneath the Gun who brought out more of the hardcore dancers to the floor as the singer screamed and shouted his way into the crowd getting everyone who was standing around off the ground. Jumping all around the stage the entire band brought the heat and fun of their catchy uplifting music from the start to the very end of their quick and fast tighten set. Suffokate was next up on the bill bringing out the intensity even stronger then the two previous acts keeping that heat up until it boiled over the crowd cooling everyone off from all the blood and sweat they had previously created. These monsters of metal can really bring out the juice and energy getting everyone entertained even if they weren't into the scene or music.

Abigail Williams was one of the second to the last headliners aside from the main course but these guys completely destroyed the venue to pieces getting everyone involved having the pit of dancers be pancakes smashed to the ground with its constant circle pit of destruction, these guys know how to express themselves in the way of music and when its exposed upon the masses they're showing off too do not get in their way or else get pushed down. After getting tossed around in the circle pit junction All Shall Perish were amongst us with their presents of swears and mess ups in between going off into singing "Happy Birthday" to Ricky vocalist of Suffokate then breaking into one of their older tunes which soon got cut off because of a brief technical difficulty but the crowd demanded the band do a re-take and so they did bringing the track even more aggressive than they first played.

All in all the All Shall Perish road up was an indeed success and brought terror and destroyment to everyone who witnessed the pure chaos that unfold that one cold night at the Whisky.

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