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Malice in Wonderland an act, a land a wonder? A band unlike any other out in the music industry right now and these guys know what they're talking about when they discuss their upcoming plans and new album follow-up their first efforts. Malice in Wonderland is a band that knows how to rock the world of music and plans to show you in the following interview....

1. How did such an odd name come to be?

It's a name we came up with quite a long time ago actually, a name that suited us then and we feel still does! The main reason we choose that name was that it's catchy, easy to remember and it's also a great play of words. It's something mystical about it which suits the band and music.

2. What is Malice in Wonderland doing differently on the new album "Diamonds & Debauchery," to warrant the attention of some of the younger kids who are just getting into heavy music now? Do you feel you're a logical progression for kids to get into the way most people get into metal and hard - through the more popular bands?

We are doing some things differently on our upcoming album than we did on the debut but not necessarily to warrant the attention of the kids. Anyhow, I think Malice In Wonderland's music is a perfect way for kids to get into rock and metal. Our music have influences from several of the styles in the harder genres and at the same time our music is pretty catchy and melodic and therefore quite easy to get into. Malice In Wonderland is a great place to start and to end witt music.

3. Malice in Wonderland helped push the band to a higher level through the times of your self-titled release and going onward to your new release later on what do you think of the chances and time span between your first album and this new one? Being that more extreme music is catching a lot of attention right now, do you worry that this record might just maintain your current fans as opposed to gaining a number of new ones?

Since our debut we have done a lot and some years have gone by, but I don't necessarily think that's a negative thing. The point is that our music is indeed current and our upcoming album so strong that it will absolutely maintain our current fan base as well as gaining a number of new people that will get into our music. I'm positive about that.

4. Being where you're at in your career, where you're able to draw a large crowd, do you ever come across shows where you feel like you're playing for a group of people who are just staring at you, acting almost like they have no idea who you are? If they still happen, how do you handle boring live shows?

Sure we sometimes play places where we may not be that known and therefore draw a smaller crowd. But what might make Malice a bit different though is that we give it all no matter how big or small the crowd is. We love to play our music, love to be on stage and even if there were only one fan in the audience we will do our best to please that one person and put on a hell of a show. We have a very strong work ethic and there ain't such a thing as a boring live show in the Malice world, not for us and not for the audience.

5. What does the immediate future hold for Malice in Wonderland?

We have some shows this spring, but other than that our main focus during the next months is on recording our upcoming album "Diamonds & Debauchery". So the studio is where we live these days.

6. What is the one thing that you would still like to accomplish with Malice in Wonderland that you haven't yet done?

I can't just say one thing cause there are several things we want to accomplish and the sky is the limit for us!
For instance there are still so many places we would like to play, like we have not yet been to the US or Japan which are places we are definitely looking forward to touring.

7. Was there any song that sticks out as one where you knew "Diamonds & Debauchery," was going to be the album that it became?

Our upcoming album Diamonds & Debauchery has so many moments and so many songs that stick out that it's impossible to mention just one song. We have been wriring up to very recently more songs that will be included on the record. Each new song have made me more and more convinced that we are about to make a monster of an album. An album with only high class and strong tracks and I can't wait for people to hear what we have been up to the last couple of years!

8. What are some of your influences and do they take part in any of the albums you've released?

Musically there are so many things that inspire us and of course those influences are visible in our music. Our influences are pretty wide and that's one of the reason our music sounds so fresh and varied. We don't put any limit on ourselves how the sound shall be so that makes it possible for us to be able to be influenced by anything from pop to black metal which makes it interesting for ourselves as well as the listeners.

9. What made you want to become a musician/was it because of family tradition or just your own thing?

Certainly not a family tradition he, he. No one in my family are musicians so I would say it's more like my own thing. Always been really passionate about music so in my teens it became natural for me to explore music by playing and writing songs as a way to express myself.

10. Any ideas for touring with any BIG name bands?

We have been playing with some big names like Def Leppard, but there are certainly quite a few big names we would like to tour with! Just invite us to join you guys on any tour!

11. When it comes to writing material for albums what's the process like?

Usually I have a song which I present to Tracy and we arrange it together. Other times Tracy have some ideas for a song and we work together from there. We make a great creative team that way, and I love to write! Always working on new songs in one way or another.

12. It's been awesome talking with you, any other thoughts or comments?

Thanks so much for your interest in our music! For all your readers, check us out at and

Cheers and rock on!
All the best

Chris Wicked // Malice in Wonderland

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