Razor Of Occam Interview

Razor Of Occam is new to the metal world and has destroyed us all already with their newest installment of an album that has more creative riffs and solo work than any other record in the business right now. Razor Of Occam's work is done well and within this interview the band talks about their upcoming plans and newest release tearing up us along with it's surroundings.

1. Please state your name and what you do in Razor of Occam.

Matt (Guitar & Vocals)

2. The reception for your new record "Homage to Martyrs," has been going well. Being that you've been at this for so long, how do you personally take it?

I guess we have developed some pretty thick skin so we are well prepared to take criticism. In fact it is something we welcome and try to draw from it as many lessons as possible. As you say the reception has been positive so we haven't had to deal with much so far.

3. I noticed your style mixes thrash metal with black metal and the instruments bring out a similarity of Slayer, are they a big influence when you created this album or just in general.

No one can fail to be influenced by the early SLAYER material such is the impact these landmarks albums have made on the history of metal. However, we have not tried to explicitly emulate them ot employ their tactics. The bands we have officially recognized as influences, that is to say the bands we have covered live, are DESTRUCTION, SODOM and WHIPLASH. Of course there is a strong dash of dirty Aussie metal thrown into the concoction to add to the flavor.

4. What are the upcoming plans for 2009?

I expect we will do some touring at some stage to promote the album. So far all that has been confirmed is a slot at Hell's Pleasure festival but we hope to be able to announce some more shows soon. However, mindful of the amount of time needed for this album, we are resolved to begin work on new material as soon as possible.

5. Do you have any particular favorite new songs off the new record?

Each one of us has his own particular favorites, it is hard to choose but give me "Flame Bearers" anytime!

6. Describe a Razor Of Occam show in one word.


7. When playing live what do you prefer seeing out in the crowd, hardcore dancers or mosh pits?

The best sight to behold from the stage is a sea of fists and banging heads. It is even better to have a vocal crowd, one where you can hear them roar above the music, but the ultimate is when the crowd know the lyrics and sing along in unison. Those are the moments that etch on the mind indelibly.

8. Any good advice you've gotten from some of these bands who have been doing this forever?

Plenty. I guess the best advice is never turn your back on the crowd, throw your fist in the air at every opportunity and whatever you do, do it with conviction.

9. Whats the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the term "emo"?

Pasty little kids who refuse to eat their vegetables and want the world to know it. As my grandfather used to say, what they need is a damn good thrashing.

10. How many interviews do you think you've done while being known as Razor Of Occam.

I guess we have done more than a dozen in the past couple of weeks, which amounts to far more than we had done in the previous 10 years. It is not our favorite way to pass the time but it has its moments.

11. What were you like as a kid?

A real little shit, so I am informed. It seems not much has changed.

12. What was one of the first tours you guys went on?

Back in 2003 we played a couple of hard weeks all over Europe with In Aeternum and Gospel of the Horns.

13. Who would you say smells the worse when it comes to being on tour?

The stench emanating from Pete's podiatric appendages has achieved somewhat legendary status after that tour. So much so that we were moved to compose a ditty celebrating the pungency and power of the odour. Sung to the tune of AC/DC's dirty deeds, it centered around the catchy phrase 'dirty Pete and his stinking feet'. Even now the mere thought of it brings a tear to the eye.

14. What’s it like being in the recording studio? Is it like your second home or do you get annoyed when entering it like "Aw man not this again."

Being involved in two albums in a relatively short period of time was hard work. But it is immensely satisfying once it is finished. And it is certainly more enjoyable than digging ditches.

15. Anything else you'd like to add?

Don't believe the bullshit. As Lemmy put it: "Let the sword of reason shine!"

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