As Summer Dies Interview

As Summer Dies discuses their upcoming plans and newest albums to date and how the band has formed and what they've gone through while being together since they first formed as a whole band. As Summer Dies is the next best thing in the music business and is an act not worth missing out on.

1. Can you shed some light on the band's history and briefly summarize the saga of As Summer Dies for those who are not yet familiar with the band?

Well we've been around for around 4 years, we formed out of an old band Adam (our singer) and I played together in. We added Angel (bass, backing vox) to the mix and recorded our first EP "Close Your Eyes I'll Make You Famous," we added Rob on keys shortly after that to give our music a more complete sound and we started touring like crazy stopping only to record our full length "Sincerely." After that we played 135 shows over the next year opening and touring with bands like Mushroomhead, The Human Abstract, The Misfits, Wednesday 13, the A.K.A's, Psyclon 9, and Horse The Band, which has helped land our stuff in Hot Topic stores nationwide. We just recorded 2 new songs for "Ashes," and got all the remixes on it together added a new drummer Rob Juice and we're pretty much up to speed.

2. You have a brand-new record, "Ashes," out in the open, what can you tell me about its creation - writing,recording, and how you managed to capture that classic style you're known to carry out when expressing yourselves musically.

Well the 2 new songs on it "Three Sixty Three" and "Tonight You" they are a look into where the band is kind of head musically we've been playing those songs on tour for a couple months so we decided to put them out to hold people over along with some really good remixes we've gotten from our friends....We try not to over think the process and we try to just write songs that we like and whatever comes out comes out, it usually always sounds like us. Haha

3. What kind of expectations did you have for the album when you first started writing the new material? How do you feel about the record now, that it's done, pressed, and soon to be unleashed upon the masses?

Well getting all the remixes was kind of a hairy process, the 2 new songs came together really easily and we knew from playing them out so much what alot of people thought of them, I think with how well "Sincerely," has sold and it really has put us on the map nationally now there are huge expectations from ourselves for our next full length.

4. Traveling across the world to share your music, where have you guys been? What are the plans on the road? Any particular destination spots you have in mind?

Well we've been though over 35 states this past year, so we've seen lots of places we hit the road again stating in April and we'll be out pretty much all spring and summer along with working on writing....we'd like to get out to the west coast this year and hopefully overseas.

5. Has your band had the Warped Tour experience? Is that something you guys would are interested in?

We have not unfortunately, I'd love too at some point, but with so many bands and so many stages you have to make sure it's right for the band.

6. Is the tour you're on now in support of a new album you're working on?

Well it's weird it's touring on "Ashes" and "Sincerely", along with trying out some more brand new songs.

7. What shaped together As Summer Dies and how has your sound progressed?

It's hard to say, we've just really good friends whom all are into different kinds of music and somehow it all comes together to create what we have, I think our sound has progressed just by realizing now that we actually have a sound haha, so playing as many shows as we do we're bound to get better haha

8. Aside from expecting an awesome record, what else can we expect to see from you guys?

Better haircuts, and tighter pants haha, you'll see a kick ass live band!!!!

9. How do you feel it fits in with the rest of your releases?

I think it helps set up the new album nicely and adds a new dimension to the songs on "Sincerely."

10. How did you guys get into the rock/metal scene in the first place? What drew you towards it, and why do you still devour every minute of it?

We just love music so it was a pretty natural thing for us, and we just love to play that why we do what we do.

11. Describe what a As Summer Dies show is like.

I ll leave that to the people that experience it, for us on stage we give everything we have out there all energy baby!!!!

12. What are the upcoming plans for 2009?

Tour Tour Tour, Write, Start Recording, and Tour some more. Haha

13. What inspires you to create this music?

Our experiences, and things we see in life, things we feel.

14. Where do you see yourself and As Summer Dies in twenty years?

Hopefully playing monsters of rock with the Scorpions.

15. Do you have any parting words or messages?

Just want to say thanks to everyone who has helped us, told a friend about us, came to a show, bought a CD, sent a rad message on MySpace, let us sleep on their floor or take a shower you are all amazing and without all of you we are nothing.

Thanks so so much and sorry about the interview getting eatin by the web the first time,

As Summer Dies

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