The Acacia Strain Interview

The Acacia Strain have unleashed upon the world their current release "Continent," and have been touring non-stop showing what they got to their loyal fans all over the place, their front man Vincent talks to me about how it's all been going.

1. So how is "Continent," current going?

Vincent: It’s doing really really well probably the best selling we’ve ever had and getting a lot of great responses from the crowds and probably my favorite album of everything we have.

2. What's the story behind the album title?

Vincent: Basically it’s about one person’s quest to destroy the human race and to do that he creates his own continent. He lives ironically and sober.

3. How did you feel when you guys released your first record and performed for the very first time?

Vincent: It was pretty exciting, it was the first time we really got to showcase what we had to offer and we played shows before but nothing with a CD to back it up and very exciting and I’m always excited to hear about what people have to say about what we’re doing.

4. If you had a chance to go back in time, where, what, and why?

Vincent: Back in time eh, I’d probably go back to the prehistoric age, because there’s no people and there are a lot of dinosaurs and I’d always want to see dinosaurs in person but I don’t think I’ll ever be able too. Actually science is working on a way to clone dinosaurs so it’s kinda fucking weird. But yeah prehistoric age would be the age for me.

5. Have you ever met an over obsessed fan?

Vincent: hmmm I’ve met some BIG fans but nothing over obsessed when you say that I think like they find my phone number of follow me around no I’ve never met a fan that has gone that far. But I did meet one fan of a girl that made a collage of our bass player it was weird because it was all these sneaky shots. It was creative but weird.

6. How's this current touring going for you? Getting along with all the other acts.

Vincent: It’s awesome, I was friends with two of the bands before we started and getting to meet Bleeding Through and touring with them it’s been a dream of mine and today is the last day and I’m really excited for it to be over but I’m also kinda bummed out because it’s such a good tour.

7. What’s the one place in the world you have yet to tour or play?

Vincent: We have never been to Japan, never been to Russia but we are going to both those places this summer very excited about that. And some places we never really been but I’d like to go is probably South Africa and Brazil I really want to go to Hawaii and Alaska because those are places in the United States I’ve never really been too.

8. If you were to compare your band to another band in the same category as you guys who would you pick and why?

Vincent: I would pick probably compare us to Bloodshed and we’ve been compared to Messugah a lot.

9. What's coming up next for you guys after this tour and the rest of the 09 year?

Vincent: We’re playing new England Metal Festival and play Bambozle and we’re going to Europe in June with Aborted and then going to Japan in August and the rest of the year is wide open but we’d like to play the U.S. again so we’ll see what happens.

10. How's it been being a part of the current record label you're on, toured with any of the other bands?

Vincent: Yeah we’ve toured with all of them toured with Through the Eyes of the Dead, Light This City, and a bunch of the bands on the label and it’s good to be on a small label there’s a lot of one on one focus with the owner and I could pick up a phone and call the label directly and always good to have that family style and vibe and I’m really happy with it.

11. What do you think when you hear the word "emo"?

Vincent: emo? I think of back in the day bands like Pinball, and Saves The Day and I think of kids wearing sweater vests and big framed glasses and mopy hair cuts is what I think of.

12. Any technical difficulties during any of your performances?

Vincent: Always, always what of our first shows we ever played the drummer’s stumble came down and hit the bridge of my nose and there are always wires and guitar straps and strings everything happens. When we first started playing we would forget certain songs we would play. But it’s a lot different now.

13. What do you prefer seeing when performing in the crowd, hard dancers or mosh pits?

Vincent: I honestly don’t have a preference as long as the kids are having a good time whatever helps you feel good and have fun at a show I like seeing people headbanging and people holding their beers in the air and whatever has you have a good time.

14. Describe an Acacia Strain show.

Vincent: Well its loud, it’s violent and very intense and we try to keep the intensity level during the show and try to keep it loud because that’s what people want to hear.

15. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview, anything else you'd like to say?

Vincent: If you come out to a show, expect a loud and violent performance and have a good time.

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