The Jade Interview

The Jade is a new rock alternative heavy metal act that is sweeping the world with its music causing a tornado of pure chaos of complete destruction everywhere it lurks. The band plans to release their debut sometime this year and them embark on a tour spreading the love and joy of what makes their music so great! I conducted an interview with these guys and they were happy to discuss their upcoming plans of doom.

1. Could you give me a brief summary of the bands origins?

Wille: We were all internet surfers. Jann and Pekko had an add on the internet and I replied to it. I went to and was in 2004 and a few months later Sirpa wanted to join in the band. We had the same motivation and drive; therefore we had no choice but to form The Jade.

2. How did North & South approach you prior to the signing?

Jann: They said they wanna see us live as we were about to play at Klubi, Tampere. After seeing us in action the company wanted to sign us. It was pretty cool.

3. Were you allowed to negotiate your own deal with specific terms and options, or was it the usual three record contract deal?

Pekko: Yes, we were allowed. It´s the one record deal and after that both sides are free to decide to which way to go. So no options. Working with North&South has been easy really. I suppose that is one of the big advantages when working with the good indie.

Jann: Yes, and negotiating went just fine. Some changes were made on the contract and the company was just fine with it.

4. Could you briefly describe the time that you just spent in the studio recording your debut record?

Pekko: The first full length debut is still on the way. We have now released two singles ”Drowning” and this new one ”It´s a Sin” through North&South. Recording these two singles was easy as we worked in the top studios with top producers. That´s why the way the things are done now is of course much more pro compared to time we recorded our self produced mini-album Slow Motions on the fast Lanes. The debut album itself will be released in the autumn this year. Before that there will be two more singles coming.

Jann: And the new single just hit the charts so that was kinda cool. I celebrated 3 days in a row. Happy happy. Of course the main thing is that the single sounds great and it does.

Wille: I would like the new album consist of 9 songs and they all would be released separately as a single and videos would be made for each of them. So far, nobody has liked my idea.

5. How far in advance did you begin writing and what steps do you take when the process begins?

Pekko: Some of the songs that will end up in the album have been written some years ago and some just recently. We still spent long hours in our rehearsing place and demo all the songs. In the studio there will always be re-arranging happening but all the songs we take to studio are complete. We actually already picked the songs for the album but then again just a couple of weeks ago we started to play a new song which all of us like a lot so it could be the next single, who knows. By now we have material for almost three albums.

Jann: I think the album will be quite strong as the material’s really cool. On the German tour we did get an awesome feedback when the people heard the new stuff and that’s a great sign. Can’t wait to start the whole process.

6. Any expectations for it?

Pekko: Of course I hope that more people will find our music as it always means that we are able to carry on spreading the word on this mission. I also hope that promotion for the album will be taken to maximum as it will be a really good and versatile rock album with a lot spirit in it.

Wille: I hope for the best but I tend not to think about it too much because marketing has to be made also in the right way. And that is not up to us entirely.

Jann: Yes, we hope that the bigger audiences will find us.

7. Any plans for 2009 yet?

Pekko: Yes, the album is number one on the list. As it will be released at first in nine European countries we hope to meet more potential contacts to co-operate with in abroad. By now there are also plans about the touring in Europe.

Wille: I am enthusiastic about making more videos; It´s A Sin was a great experience.

Jann: And we are also hoping to tour everywhere. Would be just great.

8. What musicians did you record with?

Pekko: All the three producers, Jari Latomaa, Anthon and Petri Majuri are also great musicians but all the instruments and vocals are always done by The Jade. Well, apart from keyboards. Techno and dance artist Mr.T played the keys for It´s a Sin and Latomaa played keys on Drowning.

9. What's the best thing about being in a band right now?

Wille: Hearing our song playing on the radio and seeing it on the official Finnish charts. That´s the best high! And also when people say that I look like Michael Jackson. He is so handsome after those plastic surgeries. The beautiful nose and everything. There´s no bigger compliment than that.

Pekko: Definitely playing the music! Also it´s good to hear if and when somebody comes and says ”I heard you guys on the radio.” Meeting beautiful sincere people who come to tell they enjoy our music is now and always the best thing too.

Jann: I always love playin’ live the most as I live for it, the feeling I get is just awesome but everything’s kinda exciting as a lot of things are about to happen and that’s cool.

10. Any bands you would kill to tour with?

Pekko: I would like to tour again with the cool Finnish rockers Matthau Mikojan and the band. We toured with the guys in Germany last October. Great band and lovely people. Also touring with such bands as 69 Eyes, My Chemical Romance, Negative, Good Charlotte, Him and Nightwish would be quite cool.

Wille: True.

Jann: Yes, would be great. Matthau’s really cool and we can add Uniklubi, Aiden and Kill Hannah to the list as well. Hey thanks for the inty.

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