Underneath the Gun Interview

Underneath the Gun is currently touring around town getting their name noticed and getting their music heard all over the place and with the latest release of their latest installment they are sure to become one of the best known musical acts around and be surely pleased to entertain you as best as possible. I conducted an interview with the entire band at their show which took place last night at the Whisky in Hollywood,California.

1. How did the album come about, title, artwork?

Band: Well the title just came about and thought of something that would be catchy and whether you get through the good and the bad. The artwork just brainstormed and this kid was sitting in a lake and had to get through the rough stuff to get to the peace and quiet.

2. How did the name come about?

Band: That was a long time ago and trying to put the words together and we were so young 12 years old at the time and we wished we could have had meaning behind it, but the meaning adopted to it. The meaning basically relates to being underneath the gun of God's view.

3. Whats it like being on the tour currently?

Band: The first day we were really scared of what people would think but everyone has been pretty cool it's been a lot fun. We're all good friends with everyone they're all awesome.

4. Any particular favorite song you like to perform or like the most?

Band: We like "Reflections of the Common,"

5. Any plans for St. Patrick's Day?

Band: Probably hang with our friends and everyone doing a lot of jokes and drinking and just having a good time from all the other bands basically.

6. What are the upcoming plans for 2009?

Band: We're going on another tour on March 12th and then awaiting to see whats up for the summer time and take it from there.

7. Whats its like being apart of Bamboozle Festival?

Band: We're happy to be on it and admire all of our favorite bands on it like Underoath, August Burns Red, 50 Cent.

8. Do you ever get tired or annoyed of hearing the same questions?

Band: We never get tired of it, we do get the same questions and some relate to the new album so that's the basic and I think its cool we do all like it.

9. If you did a tribute band who would you pick?

Band: Motley Crue, The Beatles, Kid Rock, any band really The Rolling Stones just something interesting and catchy.

10. Do you have a music video out?

Band: We're waiting to get that set up and figuring out a song and concept to put to get it to work.

11. What bands inspire you to do what you're doing?

Band: Underoath, August Burns Red, a lot of those bands mean a lot and the main thing for us is the spiritual and word of God and to show these kids and however broken they are we want to bring a point to the audience and make them happy and interact with the music. Like when we wrote the new record we changed it up every so often to mix and match it and some people say they don't get bored of it so that's good. And we didn't want to a make record that would sound like another band just totally different from everyone else.

12. Who do you get more when you do interviews? Guys/Girls?

Band: Phoners guys and in person at shows girls.

13. Any work for a DVD?

Band: We don't know but know it would be a really cool thing to do and we're going to work on it in the future for sure. There a lot of goof ups we've already had. That we regret recording.

14. What's your favorite venue?

Band: Chain Reaction, but we'd like to play the House of Blues among other venues.

15. Any possibility of playing on T.V.?

Band: That would be amazing! But nothing right now.

16. Any final thoughts or comments?

Band: Go and get our new record and also go catch us on the next tour and Bamboozle Left and go check out on our MySpace. We would love to do another interview with you and thank you and thanks!

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