Bleeding Through Declares Declaration

Set List:

Finnis Fatalis Spei
For Love And Falling
Orange County Blonde and Blue
Sweet Vampirous
Revenge I Seek
Kill To Believe
Love In Slow Motion

The minor heat wave that was brought upon Hollywood, California that unforgiving Saturday afternoon leading into the evening could only mean one thing that we were going someplace and it wasn't just to a rock and roll show. I think this place was much, much worse it is a place I'd like to call HELL! The night began off as any other night would the crowd slowly began to swarm into the Key Club venue awaiting their faint. The first act began things rough and hard dishing out all the right moves with double the power, having three guitarists one being a female and two vocalists the bassist and drummer probably felt left out but all in all the band rocked out the crowd from beginning to end.

Next up to the stage came Impending Doom an act that loves everything they do! Throwing out a solid 30 minute set list of pure aggression and anger from start to finish these guys got the crowd in a uproar of pure energy and excitement from bouncing off the walls to dance parties in the center of the floor these guys knew how to rock and they rocked out long and hard performing their older material and newest material off their soon to be unleashed album "The Serpent Servant." The guitars were fast and jammed packed with adrenaline the vocals and drums picking up the pace just making the music that more enjoyable. Once they had departed the stage the crowd was just in the right mode to get them soaked in sweat and energy they wouldn't remember that had just occurred.

The next performance was brought on by As Blood Runs Black a young deathcore act that has a powerful punch hidden within their screaming souls. The crowd sure knew their potential and they dished it out hard and fast getting the crowd all caught up in the high heated energy having people being pushed and thrown up in the air to up on stage the entire venue was caught up in all the excitement you didn't know what to expect next.

After their enjoyment and excitement from their fast pacing set up The Acacia Strain just kept the crowd on going putting together a 40 minute set list that kept on going and going the crowd of on-goers just loved every second of it. A massive pit of hardcore dancers got their groove on and people just as before went flying up onto the stage and right back into the crowd while others weren't so lucky and gently sat upon their shoulders of their friends just to grab the mic and give a shout out to the music they so adored.

Wrapping up the entire night of course was Los Angeles' very own Bleeding Through that rocked out 60 minute set list was no talk just pure rushing music from all angles. The whole crowd was in a bigger uproar than ever before pushing and shoving pit falling groove dancing the whole works you name it, it likely occurred, Bleeding Through started off the night right dishing out their new tunes off their latest "Declaration," and then went back in time with hits off "This is Love, This is Murderous," and "The Truth," which included "Germany," Orange County Blonde and Blue," "Love Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire," "Sweet Vampirous," "Revenge I Seek," "Rise," "Love in Slow Motion," and a ton of others. Bleeding Through alone throws out one hell of a show and ride getting you in all the right places. The Declaration has begun and will forever reign by Bleeding Through because they are the ones that hold the power of total disaster.

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