Escape The Fate and Friends

"If you only had one shot, one opportunity, would you catch it or let it slip" - Eminem is rightfully famous for from his hit flick 8 Mile and soundtrack to go along with it but tonight isn't the case about successful rapper Eminem. But his quote does relate to tonight's event, because tonight is the last chance and last moment to experience what is Escape The Fate's Spring heading tour before the band disembarks on a miniature break period before returning to the many stages that will be this summer's Van's Warped Tour. But let's move onward shall we? This night unlike all the other nights on this tour was a successful one having all this rock and metal acts tearing up the stages all across the state lands hitting lastly on their list by the very own popular destination hotspot venue known only as the House Of Blues on the very famous Sunset Strip located in Hollywood, California. This hotspot held up the night lasting three and a half hours with jam packed energizing music.

Kicking off the night was hipster act Attack Attack who played a 30 minute set getting the entire room bouncing and jumping to each tune dished out. Ranging from "Stick Stickly," "Shred, White, and Blue," "The People's Elbow," and "Catfish Soup," getting people dancing in the pit and flying up into the crowd hopping and jumping as fast and as much as possible.

Continuing the energy stream was an interesting next act having front man Will of post-hardcore sensational act Aiden go his solo route with his current project William Control mixing techno beats with industrial mix ups having the glare of the stob lights flashing as fast as possible keeping in tone with the music as two female entertainers tied one another up throughout the set. Tunes performed included "Deathclub," "Beautiful Loser," "Tranquilize," "Hate Culture," and "Razors Edge," each of these songs being more upbeat and passionate than the last getting the crowd dancing in sexual fashions it was uncalled for....

Wrapping up the next half of the night was metallers Black Tide doing an amazing 40 minute set playing several tracks off their debut album "Light from Above," which included "Shockwave," "Shout," "Warriors of Time," a cover tune of Metallica's "Hit the Lights," these metallers really known how to keep the pace and entertainment of the music flow right out of you.

The action kept on rolling right on through going right into the headliner act Escape The Fate. Based out of Las Vegas, having minor situations and problems in between and band change ups Escape The Fate has made their name known and official band line-up their own doing creating an underground beat of highly ranked heart racing adrenaline you, yourself can withstand to take. Concluding the night with 60 minutes remaining Escape The Fate wrapped it all together in a nice little package with their many old and new school hits "Situations," Something," "Reverse This Curse," "The Flood," among many other well known tunes you can get up and mosh around too. The overall energy and excitement got everyone in Hollywood in an uproar nothing want anything more but just raw pacing energy just oozing with sweat dripping from your face.

Pictures Taken By Natalie Perez

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