Black Tide Interview

Black Tide formed in 2004 in Miami, Florida known before as Radio later changed their name to Black Tide and unleashed upon the masses their debut efforts "Light from Above," and have embarked on countless tours spreading their musical skills around the world.

1. Could you give me a brief summary of the bands origins?

Steven: Briefly summary of the band Ok, well Black Tide with four members Gabriel Garcia, Steven Spence Zach Sandler and Austin Diaz, that’s Black Tide today and it’s been a while. We've had member switches just different things that’s how we are today we’re stronger than ever. Gabriel originally formed the band with his older brother who was the original drummer. He left on his own and his choice. There was no rough falling out between Gabriel and his brother it was his choice and after that I joined and we went and recoded the album and we’ve been touring for 2 years now and here we are. Austin is our newest addition and joined the band this past summer in 2008. And I just love everything about Black Tide it’s a high energy hard rock heavy metal that’s just kicking ass!

2. How did Interscope Records approach you prior to the signing, what was your reaction?

Steven: Well we found Interscope through a publishing deal and we flew out to Los Angeles played in front of the President of Interscope Records Jimmy and we went out for a few months and made the album it was insane.

3. How is the current tour going, what’s it like performing alongside Escape the Fate, are you good friends with the guys, how did the whole set up of this line-up come about?

Steven: We had offered to do a different tour with Disturbed that’s going on. W e weren’t able to do both of them. So we choice Escape the Fate, and the other one is a much bigger tour but we love that we picked this tour and everyone on this tour is getting along and everyone on this tour is going to be on the Warped Tour later this summer. And this is a mini Warped Tour like a little preview so we’re all going to have fun out there.

4. Could you briefly describe the time you spent in the studio recording your debut record?

Steven: We got to the studio in there and whipped out some songs, first started with the drums and built up with the songs, and then put the guitars on them and vocals last and we used that method one by one until we finally came out with the ending product “Light from Above.”

5. You guys played last years Mayhem Festival, and had a chance to perform on Jimmy Kimmel what were those experiences like?

Steven: Jimmy Kimmel was bad-ass it was our first network television appearance it was a little nerve reacting I don’t normally get nervous we’re going live, and you’re gonna be on Jimmy Kimmel so just play and do it, no rehearsal or anything. And Mayhem this summer was awesome it was a metal Warped Tour I never did Warped Tour but will let you know this summer, but it was fun just out in the sun everyday it was just awesome. It defiantly felt like a metal summer camp. People camping out bon fires, people grilling out night it was really awesome.

6. What was it like playing with Airbourne? Any possibilities of seeing you two guys headline on a tour in the future, I think it would be a cool combo.

Steven: Airbourne are great guys its funny you mention that, Airborne are great guys and we should each other a great time and would love to tour with Airbourne we played a few shows with them.

7. Are there any 2009 plans you want fans to know about?

Steven: Definitely we’re going to be doing some European Festivals and then come back for the Warped Tour, and then more importantly be back in our studio later on this year and record our new album that should be out shortly after that so watch out for it.

8. What are the largest and smallest crowds you've played in front of?

Steven: Smallest probably played in front of one person going in and out of the bathroom, and 0-1 person and largest crowd was Download Festival last year by the time went on probably 30-40, 000 people regardless though every time we go out and play we play our hearts out whether its 0-1 person in a bar at Janet’s Landing in Florida an outdoor venue. Janet’s Landing we played there with Avenged Sevenfold, it was sold-out and we heard we were going to play at Janet’s Landing and they pointed us at the spot and it was a bar and a bathroom and this is where you’re playing.

9. What was the first concert you attended as a fan?

Steven: I’m not gonna lie my mom took me to Rod Steward when I was like 8 years old. Then after that it was pretty cool I saw Black Sabbath, Slipknot at Ozzfest.

10. Do you remember the first show Black Tide ever played?

Steven: First show I played as Black Tide yes definitely we use to be called Radio but as Black Tide today since we changed our name and got out of the studio and became more professional and played in Tallesshelle at a Bada Bar which is a 300 something room; with a band called Trivium who are really good friends of ours; I’m sure you’ve heard of them, and Trivium oh my god you guys having us out. It was very overwhelming at the time. So we had two shows one was July 17th 2007 which was at Tallesshelle and the next show was in Nashville.

11. What were you like as a kid?

Steven: I was always kinda be the entertainer make people laugh and be the life of the party but I’ve grown out of that sometimes it comes back but I just try to relax and have fun and play, just put on a show.

12. How did you get started in music?

Steven: I’ve always been interested in music, it’s always been a part of my life the drums being my main craft and started in middle school in the 6th grade it was a 6th grade band or whatever and I started playing the stare drums and bugged my mom every day to get me a drum set. I will love you forever if you buy me a drum set and she was like sure you want a drum set one week and ironically the one thing I really wanted I made it my craft and practiced it every day to the day so in middle school and then played every day I played as much as I could.

13. What's the best thing and worse thing about being in a band?

Steven: *Laughs* I remember I had an answer to this question. The universal answer I could just throw out I think it was Gabriel Garcia, parties so hard he pisses his pants! That’s definitely the best and worst part of being in a band. And it doesn’t happen often just on certain occasions.

14. What do you think about this recession we're currently dealing with?

Steven: It happens, it’s just a cycle I’m really not worried about it it’s just a cycle we have to do and it’s a shame we’re one of the ones that have to suffer through it. That we can’t get things and it affects everyone we just have to live through it and I know we’re going to come out of it.

15. Any other thoughts or comments?

Steven: If you haven’t checked it out already “Light from Above,” it’s been a year to this day that it’s been out, and it’s not too late go get it online check out the MySpace if not then keep your eyes peeled for the new one and bye.

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