Trio Of Awesuhm – Nevertheless

Monica Uhm decided that instead of naming this music project after herself, she would go on to create a moniker or stage name if you will, using the title of Trio Of Awesuhm. Under this namesake, the band would release an album called "cowboys&aliens", with it coming a track with the name "Nevertheless".

At first listen, immediately you get the notion of how this band will sound in term’s of style. You take alternative crossed with folk, country, rock, and Americana. But according to the band, they say that the album "cowboys&aliens", is one of those albums to hear on those long car rides, if not perhaps in a good old styling CD player, whichever choice, the same goes for that track "Nevertheless". Whilst the mixture of genre picking's is either fitting or not for you as the listener, their styling is upbeat and rather catching. It has this bouncy angst going for it, that you can easily find yourself tapping your feet right along, if not singing to it at least.

When listening in after a few times over, the track becomes much welcoming, that you get captured in the moment of it. The tone, beats, vocal chords, it all sinks inward, creating this ever lasting tune that stays with  you. It not being a track let alone album, that you would get tired or annoyed with by all means. The material just becomes so free and fun to the ears, it makes you smile after each play through really.

The same goes for the entirety of the album “cowboys&aliens”, a lot of the other tracks to come from it, are a lot like “Nevertheless”, having the same sense of momentum and energy source. Lots of fun, entertainment, and grace that makes you never get enough of it, but constantly wanting more of it!

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