Lords Of Salem – Hell Over Salem

Marple Martin, is like many musicians, having multiple bands occur at once, if not one here with the other over there. This being the case for his band The Pussybats as well as Lords Of Salem. Whose current works, spanned a course of time and production, leading to what is their debut EP efforts titled “Hell Over Salem”.

Upon listening in to the title track, along with the rest of the tracks that come off this EP, it brought to mind other musicians, such as Wednesday13 for one, and The Misfits for another. Their combination of rock n’ roll, being just that, but their energy screams horror punk rock as well. Within the lyrical context, is where the horror dwells within, whilst the instrumental working’s is more rock based, if not heavy metal to a tee at times.

Like saying prior, the material is very much like those other musicians, having this concept that just blends, so willingly it makes the music consume you, when listening to it. So much angst, energy, and aggression, it never fades away but remains constant at all times even.

If that does not persuade you into checking out Lords Of Salem’s debut EP “Hell Of Salem”, perhaps hearing the title track at least once more, will change your perspective on an act, who will be within the next generation of many more acts to follow suit.

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