Halloween Forty Years of Terror Continues to Terrorize with New Halloween and Undeniable Future!

Halloween, not just a known holiday loved and feared by many but a staple in the movie category for years since 1978. That was when the first, original, slasher film would launch under that title of "Halloween". The film directed by John Carpenter, his third to be precise, with writer/producer Debra Hill and starring now famous scream queen junior Jamie Lee Curtis, her mom Janet Leigh starring in the famous Alfred Hithcock classic Psycho in 1960. But after the Halloween film debut so many years ago, something happened with it, a following fan formation began and believe it or not it never left.....

Over time the first film would continue onward into several sequels, eleven in fact, including two of which being remakes, and an all new film, being now the twelfth in the series, being a continuation but  retelling of the film series, its hard to explain really. But what this all boils down to, is the fact that the original Halloween from the 70’s made conventions pop up, one started by organizer and creator Sean Clark.

In the fall of 2003 was when the first convention in celebration of the first Halloween film and others would take place in Pasadena, California, at it’s small convention center. Then five years would pass with the second celebrating 30 years in 2008, with the next five going on to celebrate 35 years, with yet another five years celebrating what would be 40 years since the release of the first film in the series that is Halloween!

With this 40th anniversary celebration would not just be another convention done by yet again Sean Clark, but much more to it, an all new movie, titled yet again Halloween, would be released in the fall of October 2018, the first time in a long time that a Halloween film would release around the same name holiday. But also because the amount of time, that it has been since the first film was released 40 years prior. So many generations growing up with the film, seeing it for the first time or for the hundredth if not thousandth time. The film being so grounded in popularity that all knew it by now.

So with the 40th anniversary in full slasher style, the convention would take place on October 12th through the 14th at Pasadena’s convention center like years before. But especially because the first film and sequels were shot in Pasadena as well. On day 1 was a bus tour, that took attendee’s who bought tickets, in and around Los Angeles County, showing off numerous spots of where the films, along with other horror classic films were shot, fans snapped photos happily, while chatting to others about the films, not being able to get enough of it! The bus tour lastly roughly 7 hours, but well worth it, for all of the sights, input, and snap shots taken. Some iconic places were the Michael Myers house, The Strode house, Haddonfield cemetery, among other Halloween based locations of the many films.

On day 2 would be where the actual convention would occur, showcasing a merchandise floor and guests, doing photo opportunities, signings, and merchants selling what else merchandise exclusive of the Halloween film series, along with other horror properties. Long lines formed at times, while other booths sold out of merchandise altogether, with other fans, waited outside the panel hall, to listen in after entry into the hall, about the films they so enjoyed. A handful of panels were to take place, that included Halloween 2, Halloween 5, Halloween 6, and Halloween 2018 panel, along with a podcast featuring an appearance by Tom Atkins from Halloween 3. All of the panels going quite well, with the fans eagerly asking questions, to just hearing what the actors had to say about the movies they had taken part in was just scary in itself.

Last but not least, would be day 3 the final day of the convention where merchants would wrap-up shop, selling whatever else remained, other guests talking, signing, and snapping photos away to the fans who awaited their turn, with more panels of the other films were happening for Halloween 3, Halloween 4, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 and 2 remake’s and the original one that started this whole thing Halloween! These panels being very entertaining just as the others were, except these had the fans more into it, as the new film was just days away from being released, all that were there were so thrilled let alone excited, it was hard to hold it all in at times.

 All in all, it was just such an experience to behold again for many, for some who never had been before. Everyone who were there, was there for one reason only, because it was Halloween, the film with a series behind it, that no one would have ever thought, would have become so successful in no time at all. Perhaps more conventions would follow suite in celebrating the 45th or even 50th year anniversaries, if there is not, then this 40th was probably one of the best years for this indie film that could.

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