Sweeping Death – In Lucid

Progressive German's Sweeping Death have released a debut EP "Astoria" in 2017 and soon followed that with their debut full-length "In Lucid" in 2018. Back to back releases, with similar range of content, makes this act rather consistent. Like for example, one of the tracks, perhaps their longest, reaching about 10 minutes in length of time frame, titled “Suicide Of A Chiromanist", it is filled with such passion and energy that the enthusiasm added along the top layer, makes the track that more precious, let alone tight and effective in terms of style and sound, as far as heavy metal and death metal go. That track whilst in the middle of the album, may take some time to play through, but it is very powerful upon the first listen. A lot like a number of the other tracks such as "Resonanz", "Stratus", "Purpose", and "Horror Infernal". These tracks being quite intense yet fierce as well. For instance, the instrumental provided throughout all, is very gripping, showcasing such a raw amount of talent, that the vocal chords make it come full circle really. You get this rush of other acts like Legion of the Damned crossed with Slayer mixed in with a dab of Exodus. It just recycles the works so well, that it leaves the music in it’s entirety very breathless at times. It is how a lot of their other works like off their debut EP sort of works as well. It’s pretty much a mix bag for the most part that just makes an act such as Sweeping Death and their debut album “In Lucid”, a treat for the ears when it comes to the metal genre.

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