Madness Of Sorrow – Confessions From The Graveyard

For the past seven years, Madness Of Sorrow have released five full-length albums, their most recent to date being "Confessions From The Graveyard". Since their 2015 release “III: The Beast”, vocals were provided by Prophet, then it had Muriel Saracino return to take over said duties as vocalist and guitarist as he always had been prior. As a matter of fact, actually,  Muriel Saracino has faced the loss of a loved one, his father, in which he has transformed the pain into music, upon you hear on this release. Thus, taking the listener into a whole another realm of so called limbo, that is nothing but despair, anger, involving in a double vision result of death those who will face it and those who live with assisting others that they love. In short, it is a very therapeutic album for Muriel Saracino, and the band Madness Of Sorrow as well. While the content off the album is very meaningful, passionate, and insightful, of all emotions, it packs in such vision of the instrumentals and vocalization, that it makes this release so worthwhile of listening; it becomes rather endless. The works being very content, upbeat, and structured so well, that the material just soars off itself, creating this essence that makes you feel at ease yet comfortable. Take such tracks as "The Path", "No Regrets", "The Consciousness of Pain", and "Creepy", their melodies of pride and motives, takes on this embrace you feel the eeriness. Like think of Wednesday13’s more mellowed works, mixed in with Th 69 Eyes, edginess and you get the ideal concept behind Madness Of Sorrow’s latest album “Confessions From The Graveyard”. In other words, this album has a lot to take from it, you get so much, you are left with no response except perhaps wonder and such wisdom it leaves you pondering.

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