Howl~O~Grim Vaz 1 by Various Ghouls and Goblins

Bongo Boys Records' has done it again with another variety offering for the howliday season this one being of course HALLOWEEN! That is right, "Howl-O-Grim Vaz 1 by Various Ghouls and Goblins! This time, it containing an array of tracks, one of which being a cover, while all the rest are complete originals!

As it would have it of course, comes from the band known as the Angeles, with their cover rendition of "Monster Mash".Their take on the classic track, is very horror based, taking in some flare to the likes of combining punk meets rock, keeping it very fun yet highly entertaining, through and through. It likes has this beat, that does not quit, it starts off at a steady pacing, then never lets go, keeping up with all that is happening, just keeping it together, that it becomes another staple of a classic, on top of already being a classic as it is.

With that said, another track to stand out would be by Zombie Garden Club, their track titled "Kickin It The Crypt". This track is very energetic, keeping the music upbeat and all around catchy. Like imagine if The Misfits, toned down their music to a more flash back state of being, think 60's surfer styling, that is how this track sounds like pretty much. You getting this jest of being mellow yet funky and catchy all at once.

Other tracks off this release of a variety would likely be such as "Moon and Stars" by Gyspy Cams, their intro of this particular track is just off putting that it draws you in if that makes sense. It then tends to creep up on you, creating this build up, that it slowly but surely gets there, as this track is purely instrumental. No vocals provided at all, making it rather unique and very original on it's own.

"The Witch" by Claudio Casanueva and "You Suck (Mr. Vampire)" by Wood Shampoo go hand in hand with one another, easily, so much so that they just capture the essence of Halloween! Literally "The Witch", has nothing but eeriness to it, it's ghoulish noises, sounds, and spooky atmosphere just sends you into pure intensity at times when listening in. Whereas "You Suck (Mr. Vampire) by Wood Shampoo, takes on more of a fun approach in term's of sound and it's styling. Think along the lines of pop punk crossed with rock, like The Clash or early AFI, it makes you breathe it all in, as it becomes very laid back yet easily rock hard, that you find yourself pleased after it's long over.

For the rest of the album, it goes around to being a lot like these song selections chosen here. You get some original material, that grabs you in, never letting go but forcing you to engulf it in one big Heep. In other words, "Howl-O-Grim Vaz 1", is just chalk full of such a variety of sorts, that you will not be bored with it, but hear it throughout the month of October, if not perhaps even all year long!


1. Angeles - Monster Mash 3:10
2. Zombie Garden Club - Kickin' It At The Crypt 2:32
3. Characula - Mummy Dance 3:20
4. Carol Martini - Halloween At The Door 3:21
5. Anthems for Autumn - Ghost 3:27
6. Gypsy Carns - Moon & Stars 4:30
7. Michael Resin - Vicious Minds Project 3:48
8. Kitt Wakeley - Wicked Warped & Twisted
9. Lyia Meta - Slumber 4:18
10. The Swinging Iggies - The Pain 4:11
11. Andrew Tyler/ The oOhz - Vampire Blue 5:16
12. Guarded Jungle - Haunt Me 0:48
13. The Satisfactors - My Baby Got It 3:00
14. Claudio Casanueva - The Witch 3:44
15. Wood Shampoo - You Suck (Mr. Vampire) 2:51
16. Gar Francis - Shaking My Body To The Bone 4:33
17. Kickbend - Ups 'N Downs 3:38

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