Serpent Lord – Towards The Damned

Greece heavy metallers Serpent Lord, have got a debut full-length out and about currently titled “Towards The Damned”, with a lead and first video single for them, called “The Lesser Key”, both album and single doing quite nicely for them.

At first listen, with their single “The Lesser Key”, you immediately can recall which way their music tends to go, with their styling. Whilst it is heavy metal, is it much more than just that, it combines that genre along with progressive metal, so think of acts like Iced Earth, Candlemass, Ghost and even some Death as well. For the most part, that is whom comes across when hearing this sole track of a successor. Other tracks to come off “Towards The Damned”, would likely include such as "Nephilim", "Sodom and Gomorrah", "Blood Offering", and "Seed of Divine".

These select few, being very grounded yet fierce in tone of style. The instrumentation work being very heavy minded, whereas the vocalization provided is given it’s grace of moments, making the music capture the essence of all else happening. It’s like as if, the music just out pours the energy of all going on, this heaviness that makes the music soar yet still be intense and heavy as well. Listening upon this release from front to back, the entirety of the album just packs it all in, creating a selection of offering’s that make the material worth wild. As if, the material was not already good, these tracks mentioned, along with the rest, just has Serpent Lord, being an act to keep up with and follow up on.

Surely, “Towards The Damned”, is a release of sorts, that is a debut start-up, to much greater things. After hearing this several times in a row, you will just be wanting so much more, you never thought an act such as one from Greece, would be so impressive it hurts.

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