Spaztic Robot – Spaztic Robot and The Epileptic Moth

Spaztic Robot began as a project that was built from the ashes of Robbie Spark's previous punk/rock band Rebel City Radio was put to rest in 2014. In just two short years, Spaztic Robot would go on to create songs, that would form into the debut album "Skip Rope Rhymes" released in 2016. After the success of such release, another two years would surpass as more content would commence, and the sophomore follow-up album "Spaztic Robot and The Epileptic Moth" would come forth being released in 2018. Now is this two year gaps between releases a coincidence or just a matter of odd timing of the Spactic Robot project? Who knows really, but this release has got a lot saying about it's contents.

As such, "For those unafraid to embrace the unknown" from SlapMag, "Truly remarkable work" by Ryan's Gig Guide, down to "Pleasantly unpleasant" "Arty aural assaults" and "Evocative cinematic soundscapes" from Vive Le Rock Magazine. These sources being right about this follow-up piece of work from Spaztic Robot. The opener being titled "Assholes", brought to mind immediately another act of similar styling to that of which melted dark wave, alternative, electronic, and industrial, Angelspit. Their format being a lot like Spaztic Robot's, within this track, and a lot of the others as well. Like for instance, "Pond Scum", Blisters", "Demons", and "Heart Shaped Box". These tracks, along with the rest, are filled with a lot of energy, angst, and adrenaline. You get this trance of techno beats thrown atop of all the other genres mentioned, causing this rift to happen, making the music much more rounded, yet more fun to listen in on. Think dance club setting, with glow sticks, fast lights blinking on and off wildly, with everyone bouncing their bodies up and down, if not swaying from side to side.

It’s how a lot of the material off “Spaztic Robot and The Epileptic Moth”, plays off. Both off this album and even some of the working’s off the debut album as well. When listening to an act such as Spaztic Robot, you are just taken a back, by the futuristic works, that causes such tension it makes the material highly entertaining. After listening to this release or the previous, you will not be disappointed but delighted in what has just been played.

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