It's been quite sometime, since we last heard from INTO ETERNITY with their last album being "The Incurable Tragedy", released back in 2008, ten years ago. Now a whole decade later, some changes have been made with founding member and guitarist Tim Roth, creating an all new line-up, including vocalist  Amanda Keirnan (The Order of Chaos), guitarist Matt Cuthberston (Untimely Demise), bassist Troy Bleich (Planet Eater) and drummer Bryan James Newsbury (Culled/Death Toll Rising). But not only that but the band went on to write and record material for a follow-up album titled "The Sirens", releasing a first single off it called "Fringes of Psychosis". Much more plans of shows, are to follow come this album's releases soon enough, with more set for the next year as well. Find out what said founding member and guitarist Tim Roth just had to say about it all!

1. So tell me about Into Eternity. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore?

Tim: Into Eternity started back in 1996 because I was looking for an outlet for all of my musical ideas. Demos started in the summer of 1996 and one of the first songs that I created for the band was a song called Into Eternity. At the time, we were still struggling to find a band name and we finally decided to go with that song title. All lyric topics are on the table, but as a rule we stay away from politics and like to deal with more personal or social topics.

2. Can you describe your new track "Fringes of Psychosis" for us?

Tim: This new track starts quietly with some nice acoustic guitar and a melodic solo courtesy of former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover. Thanks so much to Glen for creating 2 killer solos on this track! Everything starts with Amanda’s emotional vocal, which is the Chorus of this track, but everything quickly gets heavy and intense as the band kicks in. There is so much going on with this first Single between all riffing, fast drumming and an incredible vocal performance by Amanda.

3. Why was "Fringes of Psychosis" picked as a single of choice off the new album "The Sirens"?

Tim: It was picked because I was outvoted haha! Looking back I believe it was the correct choice as a first Single. The song has all of our elements as a band which includes melodic guitar interludes, shredding solos, strong vocal melodies, fast double bass, blast beats, aggressive bass playing and powerful guitar riffs. Normally you'd want to have a shorter song as a first Single, but most of these new songs are all long and epic, so we weren't with Fringes, which had that catchy hook Chorus.

4. Where do you all take inspiration from as far as creating the music that you do?

Tim: Creating metal music is something we've enjoyed doing in this band for the past 22 years. Listening to other bands music pumps us up to write our own songs. I just saw Metallica in concert a few days ago and they are still killing it live, so that was a huge inspiration to see. We love bands like Iron Maiden, Death, Judas Priest, Dream Theatre, Cryptopsy, Symphony X and Megadeth, so it's easy to find inspiration when were surrounded by such great metal artists.

5. Who writes the songs, what are they all about would you say?

Tim: Troy our Bass player wrote the lyrics to The Sirens and our former singer Stu Block wrote the first verse lyrics to the song Nowhere Near. Like all of our albums, I write the lion’s share of lyrics, melodies, music and arrangements. It's been 30 years now that I've been crafting songs and I'm still learning! The songs all have a variety of meanings and I think it's up to the listener to come up with their own meanings for themselves. I will say that I wrote the music/lyrics, for the song Sandstorm, after the USA invaded the compound in Pakistan, that hid Osama Bin Laden and ended up killing him.

6. How did you guys all meet and everything of that nature, is there a special story to tell?

Tim: Troy has been in the band since 2004, but we met when we were teenagers back in the day. I knew Troy when he was just starting to play Bass in bands and we would play gigs together back in 1994, so we go way back before Into Eternity was formed. Matt we met after playing his city of Saskatoon and his band Untimely Demise would open up for us. We became fast friends back then and his band even toured across Canada with us in 2013. Bryan joined the band in 2011 after he was recommended to us by my friend Derek Petrovich. I was looking for the best drummer we could get in Canada, so Bryan came down, auditioned and got the gig. After Bryan was in the band, he recommended we try out Amanda. She sent us a video of her singing Sandstorm and we knew that our singer search was over.

7. What about your new album "The Sirens", why go with such a title?

Tim: It was a track that our Bass player Troy wrote the lyrics for. We thought it would be cool to have Amanda on the cover of our new album, as the "Captain" of the ship. The plot twist is she gets seduced by The Sirens, which we thought was interesting enough to focus this new album Cover on.

8. Which path did you take with the album's artwork, how does it relate to the music and title of the album itself?

Tim: This is our 6th cover that we have done with our long time album artist Mattias Noren. Mattias also did the covers for our two singles Sandstorm and Fukushima. It's important for us to keep the same artist for these past 20 years. Mattias really did another great job for us on this album. We named the album after the first song on the album called The Sirens.

9. Where would you put yourself with describing this album as a whole?

Tim: It's a very aggressive album that is going to fit nicely in our catalog of albums. This record has everything our fans expect from us including catchy Chorus', guitar harmonies, double bass drumming, blast beats, heavy riffing, acoustic pieces, symphonic elements, multiple death vocals and clean singing with harmonies. I'm personally really pleased with how this new album turned out.

10. Why should we the people go forth and check out "The Sirens" and its accompanying single "Fringes of Psychosis"?

Tim: I think fans should check it out if they like Canadian high energy progressive melodic death metal. We have been writing music for this band for the past 22 years, so fans can trust us that these new songs will be killer. We are proud of our first single, Fringes of Psychosis and this album The Sirens as a whole. We do hope that everyone enjoys it as well!

11. Have any other plans for the rest of this year 2018?

Tim: We recently just played a Canadian metal festival to pre-promote for this new record that comes out October 26 2018 on M-Theory Audio. There are other gigs being planned for fall 2018 and then more shows in 2019! Thanks to all of our friends and fans for the long time support. Please check out our website and Facebook pages. Keep it Metal!

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