Tina Guo and William Anderson Bring My Little Pony to Our World

My Little Pony has been around for quite some time, since it's reboot in 2010 with the fourth generation entitled My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, the whole series would change the world and it has, as a matter of fact, it's become such a success that it's music being infamously popular amongst all, did so much in its 100th episode of the TV series. In this episode it brought composer William Anderson as well as cellist Tina Guo, to work together on a scene piece where it brought together some of many popular background characters known as DJ-Pon3 or "Vinyl Scratch" to the fan base a DJ pony and Octavia Melody a cellist pony, as the pair crafted a song that would keep the beats pulsing! Tina Guo herself as well as William Anderson, got together while attending the third year run of Equestria LA, one of many, many My Little Pony conventions to discuss their time at this get together, as well as their time on the show and plans for the future.

1. This is your first time at a My Little Pony convention?

Tina: Yes, this is my very first My Little Pony convention. It's been a lot of fun, I played the pony named Octavia, the cello playing that's me, I was invited to come here and perform the piece I played on in episode 100 of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. Where there was a big music video scene, where DI-Pon3 and Octavia did a crazy dubstep/classical duet/compilation. So William Anderson and I performed it last night at the opening of Club Luna, a concert/rave event held during Equestria LA. It was a lot of fun.

2. What did you think of My Little Pony, when you got contacted about it, were you like "What? My Little Pony"?

Tina: No, no, no, My Little Pony is adorable. I mean, I never really watched the show, because I really never watch any shows because I don't have cable. But I do a lot of recording's for different TV shows, movies, video games, music, etc. So it was just like another job for me, William Anderson the composer, had contacted me and said to me through my website in a random email "Hi I'm William I compose music for the TV show My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, do you want to play on the show?" I said "yeah sure". But I had no idea that this show had such a huge what do you call it, fandom? Following? for this show, that's like any other that I've actually experienced. It's been crazy, in a good way not a bad way. I hope I can do more conventions, William and I were talking and we'll see because we're not in charge of the actual show, but would like to do more, perhaps more opportunities with Octavia in the future, she is more of a secondary character, so for her to have more scenes and plays more stuff that way it could be more fun and a lot of fun.

 3. When you found out about the character Octavia and her having/playing a cello, were you like "Hey so that's why you asked me to be a part of this huh?"

Tina: Yeah, yeah definitely, I don't know if I knew, I did know of My Little Pony of course everybody does ya know? But I don't know I was aware of Octavia, I didn't know she was a cello playing pony, that's awesome! I am a big fan of her now.

4. What do you think of the fandom and the people dressing up, did it seem awkward or were you cool with it?

Tina: I loved it. For me, I wish everyday was Halloween, dress-up not necessarily in My Little Pony stuff but I did last night a little bit as Octavia. But just in general I think it's great I have been to the San Diego Comic Con, a few times and have also been to a few of the Wizard World Comic Cons, so I have definitely seen about the same thing. Ya know about the same general aspect of getting dressed up, when going to conventions. So I have been in that scene before, so I didn't think of it as weird. Then again, I don't think anything is weird. Weird is good.

5. You have done meet and greets, autographs throughout this convention, what was it like meeting the fans, having them come up and say stuff like "Hey you're the pony that does that thing".

Tina: Let's see so we did autograph sessions which is kind of like a meet and greet where you can hang out and talk a little bit. I didn't know what to expect, I was surprised to have people even wanting to meet me, because I am very new to this world. I've only really been just on one episode, so I didn't even do anything ya know? But a lot of people, that I have met in the meet and greets, we just talked about music and the other stuff that I have done. I actually then took the meet and greet into the vendor hall, for selfish reasons, because I wanted to go shopping, so we went, walked around and talked, as we were looking around at everything. I got a little bit of Octavia and DJ-Pon3 related items like prints and posters, a necklace, so I am all into it now.

6. As you previously mentioned, you are willing to come back to do more My Little Pony conventions, and be a part of the show again?

Tina: Yeah definitely I think it would be a lot of fun. I was talking to William about the show because there aren't any other pieces for Octavia to play along with DJ-Pon3, but were talking about taking the main theme song, then adding in some cello elements to it. I think you can add cello to anything, or we can take one of the songs, doing an arrangement or something like that. So we will see if there will be more opportunities to do that because it would be great.

7. What do you think of My Little Pony, when you first got contacted for it?

William: It was 5 years ago, when it started and I've been doing animation a long time. So it was just another show for me, I was glad to have work and still glad that I do. I didn't have any idea it would turn out like it has. I didn't even know until like the end of the second season, and I love how it's become so successful, and it's community, the fans, are always so positive, upbeat, and I just like it.

8. Is this your first convention or have you been to other My Little Pony conventions before?

William: This is my third, I don't go to many, I had gone to the Everfree one a couple of years ago, like two or three years ago, then this one a couple of years ago.

9. What are your thoughts on the fandom in general, do you like it, or is it weird to you?

William: Everything is a little bit weird, weird is a good thing.

10. What do the two of you have planned for the rest of this year, leading right into next year?

William: Well, Tina is going to continue her global conquest in everything. I am just going to be working, My Little Pony takes a lot of my time. So I am always very busy, I was working since 6AM this morning.

Tina: Yeah he was already up, working on a Christmas episode.

William: Yeah the holiday episode, it is so good! So, so, so good!

11. Thank for all so much and good luck in the future.

Tina: Thank you so much.

William: Thank you.

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