Equestria LA Reigns in the Ponies of All Sorts and Sizes in the world of My Little Pony

My Little Pony.... who knew what one idea would cause since its creation in the 1980s. Creator Bonnie Zacherle created the toy product of My Little Pony known at the time of her vision as My Pretty Pony. Since then the brand My Little Pony has expanded since it's 1980s culture, into the 2000's having a reboot occur with a fourth generation in its series run, this one landing in 2010 by creator Lauren Faust. Her best work has been in such other TV programs as the Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and of course My Little Pony's fourth generation series titled My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Since Lauren created this reboot of the series, it's become a phenomenal event of sorts, from its television series, toy line, to even having its own fan base, it's just another one of those creations that can never be avoided. Everywhere you look whether it'd be in person or online you can see My Little Pony memorabilia, ranging from artwork done by numerous artists, from the youngest of teenagers to adults, who devote their time into this fandom. Other types of activity revolving around this show, can be seen or heard in other products like video games, videos, music, crafts, the whole works is put into it.

The My Little Pony fans both old and new are so amazing as well as amazingly talented that it's endless and truly flawless work. Which brings the fans to a whole another activity of events, one called to many as a convention. For those who aren't aware, a convention can be held at an actual convention center or at another location such as a hotel. Now a convention is a gathering of sorts for a specific drawing, like take Star Trek, they took have their own fan base and conventions, where all that can be known, seen, or heard dealing with Star Trek, can be found. Well the same thing occurs with My Little Pony, with its assorted array of conventions, spanning across the states as well as other parts of the world.

California for one, has a few conventions that pop-up every now and then, including this one, that is in its third year run, having taken a brief 1 year hiatus in 2014, but it's previous years 2013/2012 were hit successors, being both the first and second year runs back to back each year. Having debuting then into now, was quite something else. This convention taking its name from the TV show itself,  going by the name of Equestria LA. " Equestria " being the known world of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fourth generation. realm.  In any case this convention was now in its third year running, having made one of the biggest announcements ever! The said announcement, was that it would have the 2010 creator Lauren Faust come and attend the convention, this being her second appearance, since her first was at the first ever year run of Equestria LA in 2012. It also being her third appearance for pony based conventions overall. Having made another appearance also in 2012 at the BronyCon summer festivities.

Noted that Bronycon is one of the many biggest pony based conventions around with its annual occurrences happening in Baltimore, Maryland, since the first year runs, happened in New York and New Jersey. In any case Equestria LA's third year run, was indeed something else since Lauren decided to make an appearance, having a few panel discussions, which is where the guests gather to talk to the audience in question, about the convention's theme i.e. My Little Pony. Lauren was in the first ever creators panel and an interview segment panel. Both were quite amazing and yet so cool that it was 20% cooler than it should have really been.

Creators Panel: Original creator Bonnie Zacherle and creator Lauren Faust

The creator's panel brought in Lauren  and Bonnie together, both of whom have never met until this discussion happened! During the panel the two briefly talked of their past histories, going from the past into the present and future activities. The fans in audience were of course star stuck! As the two talked back and forth between one another, each of them, saying that none of this could have ever happened without the fans, and that Laruen herself loves her fans so much, that none of this would have been possible. After the discussion was said and done, Lauren had Bonnie sign the original My Pretty Pont horse figurine, that brought such joy for her to see it, let alone sign it, everyone cheered and was so ecstatic that it was pure magic.

This all happening just on day one, spanning across a three day event. That first day was really a wakeup call to everyone in attendance, there was a opening ceremony, panel discussions as mentioned, as well as a vendor hall, dedicated to selling merchandise, handmade by a lot of its sellers. But that's not all, this day as well as the rest, were harvested by its guests, having them do meet and greets, along with autograph sessions. So the fans of course, gladly lined up in awe, as they awaited their chance to talk, snap a photo, or signature with their favorite starlit.

Merchandise Booths and Cosplayers:

Wrapping things up for day one, day two was just about to get started the following day. This day was chalk full of activity, fans dressed in attire of their favorite characters, a lot of them being the mane 6 of the My Little Pony characters, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. As well as other notable characters of course, like Spike the Dragon, DJ-Pon3, Octavia Melody, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna, among others! It was a sight to see, everyone all dressed up, drawing the attention, while fans alike snapped photos with one another. Day two like day one, was filled of course with more panel discussions, autograph signings, meet and greets, and even a concert would be held that same night.

Club Luna:

Indeed so, that same night a concert known as a rave was taking place in the main hall, where the stage was set and the guests musicians William Anderson and Tina Guo a cellist performed a piece off the 100th episode of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic show. This piece took classical music, fusing it with a remixing dub step style, having the combination be something out of this world and not of the ordinary.  The duo worked well, performing their piece, as the crowd ranted and raved with excitement, as they both waved on, bowing as well. While the other performers, DJ's of course, came in to do their own said setlists. Like a lot of these DJ's were new comers to the convention itself, but not the fandom it was about, Darsalex, StrachAttack, and Internet Empire, were up doing their own sets, across a couple of hours, turning out the hits, from the 90s era up until today's era. But there was some sadness within all of these various DJ's sets, while their material was pleasing, a lot of the songs performed, were not pony based songs, only a said few were actually played. But while that may be a slight disappointment to some of the fans in attendance, the fans did have a good time overall.

Other DJ artists like Black Gryph0n. Baasik, and voice actress Michelle Creber, performed together late into the night, having everyone, scream, shout, jump, and cheer with each of the beats playing throughout the main hall's walls. It was a long night of fun and excitement under the moonlight that was known to all as a rave called Club Luna, based off the Princess, Princess Luna. As that night drew itself to a closing point, so did day two, with day three being fast approaching the convention was wrapping things up.


Day three arrived in a flash, having everyone getting all of their belongings in hand, as they all gathered to attend the final hours of panels, autographs, meet-ups, and merchandise buying, as Equestria LA was closing up for the year. This day was just as the previous two, having the same people come up, snap photos, attend their events, as the hours counted down. Everyone there were just as pleased to be there just like the days before. A lot of the commotion was done within the walls of the vendor hall, as it's sellers had various sales upon its merchandise, while others did signings, photo opportunities, everyone was running about, picking up their last minute items that they would cherish forever.

While it may only be on its third year running, surely more years will follow suit, no doubt. All in all, Equestria LA is like many others, a pony based convention held out in Southern California allowing it's state fans and others from out of town to gather together, to talk, hang out, just be themselves, in the world that makes them happy, the world of My Little Pony.

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